Winning the Cockpit Lottery to Winnipeg

I couldn’t believe that just an hour ago, I thought I was going home for the weekend, but instead at that very moment, I was stargazing with the pilots in the cockpit. It was a truly surreal experience.

Bouffe MTL: Chez les Sud-Coréens

Back in October 2017, I received a call from a random number which I usually don’t pick up because I simply expect them to leave a voicemail if it’s important. And then I heard that ding – 1 unread voicemail. At the exact same time, I received a text message from my cousin Frank (manager of Jangteu)…

Kinka Izakaya

In the summery days of Montreal, the most ideal way to spend your time with close ones is on a terrace for a nice 5 à 7. That is exactly what my friend and I did in August when the sun was setting earlier at night and we knew that Fall was soon to come….