The Truth We Need To Face

The pandemic has tested us in various ways. In a matter of days of the global outbreak, the abnormality became our norm. What we grew up seeing in films suddenly began to unfold before our eyes in the media and then right outside our homes within days – empty streets, closed stores, and grocery stores filled with worried people stocking up for doomsday.

How I Earned My Wings

Life just kept throwing me curveballs. I dodged some, got hit by a few, and then got right back up to catch some and throw back. Life is never going to be what you expect it to be regardless of how you prepare yourself. The most important thing to do is to get back up. I couldn’t have possibility made it at this point in my life if it weren’t for the many experiences that shaped me today.

That Thing You Call Life, Use It

Every now and then, we forget. We play, we study, we graduate into maturity, and then we choose to settle. We tell ourselves that we’re not as fortunate as others to be able to let ourselves go and live a little because of what we have in our hands – a job, a family, etc….

Bouffe MTL: Chez les Sud-Coréens

Back in October 2017, I received a call from a random number which I usually don’t pick up because I simply expect them to leave a voicemail if it’s important. And then I heard that ding – 1 unread voicemail. At the exact same time, I received a text message from my cousin Frank (manager of Jangteu)…

SK2017: All good things come in boxes

In honour of its near-anniversary of an entire trip to South Korea that I surprisingly did not write a blog about, I thought it was finally fitting to write about it. Here’s the ugly truth and why I avoided blogging it: It was a two-week trip to South Korea with my travel buddy, Andy, and…

FFT: The Unspoken & Underrated Parts of Travelling that Make You Wanderlust

When people think about travelling, they consider a whole range of things in all sorts of chaotic order. The flight. The accompaniment. The restaurants. The excursions. The hotel. The price. The layover. The luggage. And the never-ending packing list.  [the difficult part]  The very moment you’ve clicked on that button that sends you your booking tickets,…