Food & Travel

I recently learned that food and travel are like inseparable BFFs.

When I fell in love with food, I discovered that trying new foods takes you places further than you can ever imagine. In one sitting, your tastebuds take you halfway across the world and you start to think of how you’ve lived without such eccentric taste. You think of how many more tastes there are in the world that you have yet to discover and savour. Suddenly, your familiar range of tastes seem so little in this big, big world.

When I first traveled on my own, I discovered what it meant to try different foods all over the world. It wasn’t just about finding new tastes, but it changed the way I see life.

Discovering new tastes opened up my mind about the world and what I was missing. It made me think of how little I was in the world – in the best way possible. It made me feel little in a sense that it made me realize how vast and large the world was.

Sometimes we get carried away and simply live everyday not knowing of the world “out there”. We live in our little surrounding – going to work, seeing friends, going out to local restaurants, and local coffee shops, but we forget about the life that exists outside our comfort zone. There is so much that this world has to offer and teach us. Being open to try new foods and discover new places opens up your mind to far greater forces in the world. We become more whole, humble, and knowledgeable human beings with a truer understanding of the ground we stand on today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Food & Travel are inseparable because food takes you on a journey that leaves you wanting to learn more about life and the world out there. We’re so little in this vast world that it excites each of us for wanting to seek more of it.

Savour life & Enjoy food. 

Words to take home with you every night.

This is the inspiration behind my food and travel series.

Tiny Chef xo

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  1. Tch says:

    Loving that F&T posts! More more more! I’m hungry.

    Liked by 1 person

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