SK: Our First BBQ [10 Butcher’s]

10 Butcher’s


On our third day in Korea, we finally decided that it was time for our first BBQ. Suggested by my friend Andy who had been there already on his previous trip, it was definitely a good place to start out our entire month of meat feast.

We were still slightly jet-lagged, so we went out to eat dinner at 5pm. Thanks of our jet lag – we were the only ones in the restaurant.

As soon as we had placed our order, the waiter disappeared for a split second and came back out with an array of dishes. One thing after the next was placed on our table including a wet hand towel to cleanse our hands before it’d get deliciously messy.

FullSizeRender 26.jpg

Silky tofu topped with thinly sliced roasted seaweed and a spicy dressing

한우 꽃등심 (Hanwoo Rib Eye Steak)

The meat that we ordered is called 꽃등심 (rib eye steak) with a great amount of marbling. I can definitely say that this meat made it to my Top 3. I won’t say which place it ranked in my Top 3 because I can’t even decide that. It’s too tough of a decision to make. The first bite of this Hanwoo steak left me teary-eyed. It was a magical first bite – as cheesy as it sounds. It was the perfect first bite of meat.

FullSizeRender 27.jpg
Every Korean BBQ meal includes the following: several side dishes (types vary by restaurant), a soybean paste soup to share (Korean version of the Japanese Miso Soup), and a bowl of rice for each person.


Even our utensils had its own placemat!


Beef Tartare & Bibimbap

Besides the steak, we also ordered a plate of beef tartare and beef tartare Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice with veggies).


If you like raw meat (basically, if you like sashimi), you definitely need to try this in Korea. This is something you can’t really get in Montreal, but it’s almost everywhere in Korea. Raw beef must be prepared perfectly right to serve it. On top of it being Hanwoo meat, it’s freshness blows you away – with its marinated sauce too. Often marinated with sesame oil and a hint of sugar, the plate of tartare is also served with asian pear to add to the freshness. Just picture it – one bite of this tartare and it just melts in your mouth. That’s it – gone, but with a lingering taste.

Although it may seem like that red thing in the bowl is a red paste or a sauce, it’s actually little strips of marinated raw beef. And yes, it’s topped with a raw egg too. Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish (well loved by non-Koreans) that includes a variety of veggies mixed with rice. Of course, there are different types of Bibimbap and this one in particular includes raw beef tartare. Others are served in a stone pot with Bulgogi (Korean marinated beef). I’m not too big on Bibimbap, but this was by far the best I have ever tried. One very big pro about this dish was that the veggies were cut in thin slices that it was easy to chew and didn’t seem heavy with every bite. It just melted.

Why 10 Butcher’s?

I picked this restaurant as part of my Top 3 not only because of the grade A meat, but because of the fact that everything on that table was perfection. From the silky tofu side dish to the beef tartare, everything was bite-perfect. I’d go back in a heartbeat but sadly couldn’t go back to this place because the days were numbered and we had tons of other places to try out. So although this wasn’t the only best Hanwoo steak I had during my entire trip (because it just equates to the others), I’d have to say that what really stuck with me about this place is their beef tartare Bibimbap. For someone who never really liked it, it blew me away enough for me to want to start eating it.

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