SK: The Journey


My friend had been asking me for almost a year whether I wanted to go back to Korea. He wanted to see his friends and I wanted to see family I hadn’t seen in 5 years.

We kept putting it off for … well, about a year because we got caught up with life. You know how it is – 40 hours a week of work, eat, sleep, then repeat.

So one day, we told ourselves. This is it, let’s do it.

We booked the flights.

And took off on a long journey halfway across the globe.



Most of you have already guessed by now (and know from my previous blogs) that Im of Korean heritage. My parents were both born in Seoul and immigrated to Montreal in 1983.

The circumstances of my parents immigration was simple. As soon as my parents got married, my dad’s entire family decided to immigrate to Canada – which meant that my mom had to leave her family behind. I have only been to Korea 3 times and this would be my 4th visit to date.

The last time I visited Korea, it was a 3-month trip in the summer of 2011. It was quite a long trip and I still cannot believe how generous my manager at work was for letting me take such a long leave. I was able to spend time with my mother’s family during my whole stay and also had enough time to tour the entire city of Seoul.

I was a tourist in Seoul (what else is new. I’m a tourist in my own city sometimes!). I did almost everything from A-Z that would have been recommended in any Seoul tour guide. I did the main palaces, visited all the national museums, and visited many great historic sites.

Going to Seoul this time around meant for 3 things…. or the three F’s:

  • Family
  • Food
  • Fun

My SKtrip2016 is about seeing family and friends, eating great Korean food I had been watching on all the Korean TV shows back at home with my mom, and just having fun.

It’s about relaxing. Taking time off work, pausing “life” and living life the way it should be – free of stress.

And trust me, I’m all about stressing over the smallest things. The days leading up to this trip was extremely stressful that I couldn’t stop thinking about how I might be forgetting something. In the end, I felt like I had actually packed just a bit too much. I think I took with me half of my closet.. 😛

The journey is simple. Just read my blogs and I’ll show you.

tiny foodie traveler<3


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  1. Tracy says:

    Yessss!! Making my mom read these too lol.

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