South Korea: Nov 20 – Dec 18

In about 30 hours or so, I will be hopping on a plane to take me halfway across the world.

This time: South Korea. 18-hour flight. 1 layover. And completely excited for the airplane food – not gonna lie.

Ever since I went on my Europe trip last year, I vowed to travel somewhere at least once a year. Every chance I can get at getting away for a couple of days to weeks or even a month, I won’t hesitate to the least.

Toronto: I started off the year by going on a nice relaxing trip to my second home city – Toronto. A city so familiar to me that I know the roads almost as well as those from my own city. It was a three-day trip and it was just what I needed.

Ottawa: A few months ago, I went on a day trip to Ottawa to shop, eat, and see a few landmarks. I had already gone there before countless times, so the visit was more of a few-hours-getaway. We had a great strawberry rhubarb crumble, great company, and definitely a great time.

Korea: I have the best travel buddy – Andy. He’s been with me on all my trips in the past year and a bit. We are Airbnb-ing it (our second time!) and we are staying in Seoul for a whole month. To be precise, the city I’m staying in is Gangnam (from Gangnam Style).


During my time in Korea, I will try my very best to post as often as possible of all the great foods and places I visit. It’ll be my first time without my Canon Rebel T1i, so I’m trusting my iPhone 6+ to take all my pictures for the trip.

Apologies for the hiatus during the summer … but I promise an abundance of mouth-watering photos of food and great places I will be visiting.

See you all on the other side of the world,

tiny traveling foodie xo

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  1. tracy says:

    please document the airplane food! i love airplane food! have the best time ever, you deserve it!!

    Liked by 1 person

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