First Friday’s: May 2016 Edition

First Friday’s is back!!

Every summer in Montreal, Cuisine de Rue hosts one of the largest festivals in the city! An event that runs every FIRST Friday of the month from May to October, thousands and thousands of people show up with their kids, friends, and parents to simply enjoy food together.

A handful of us went down to the Olympic Stadium to try out new food trucks and to go back to our favourite food trucks that went into hibernation throughout the entire winter.

We showed up with an empty stomach, an appetite for literally everything, an open mind, and some cash 😀 – ready to devour anything that would majestically make its way into our mouths.

It was everything you’d expect and want out of a nice summer festival. It was our first summer event too! The weather was beyond perfection. It was 20 degrees warm with a nice slight breeze with sunny blue skies. To add to the beautiful skies were these beautiful colorful flags hanging above some food trucks.

IMG_1823 2.JPG

In the past years, the festival had a lack of tables and chairs for people to sit and eat. Pretty understandable considering how popular the event was and how many people attended it. They just couldn’t accommodate everyone – can they?

This year, I was surprised to find that they added little tables and stools in many areas throughout. Great idea! There’s just enough chairs for people to eat and go, eat and go, eat and go! It’s never packed because they’re tiny tables and chairs meant for people to literally set their food on the table, eat, and then go for another truck! Great addition to the festival.

Okay, let’s get down to business.

Round 1 – Le Cheese Truck

FullSizeRender 29.jpg

Back at it again! Our first stop is always Le Cheese Truck. Don’t know why, but we always naturally head there first to get our Mac & Cheese fix. Great way to start off the event!

IMG_1864 2.JPG

This was my face of excitement after waiting a whole 8 months for this food truck event to start back.

We were a small group of 4 people and shared a 1/2 pound Mac & Cheese (with peas and bacon, of course!) and a grilled cheese (with bacon again, OF COURSE!).

IMG_1865 2.JPG
1/2 pound Mac & Cheese @lecheesetruck

IMG_1827 2.JPG
Grilled Cheese Classic with Bacon @lecheesetruck

Anything is realllllly good with bacon. Always a great addition to anything!

Round 2 – Lucille’s & Das Food Truck

For my second truck, we went over to Lucille’s to get a Lobster Roll I shared with my friend.

IMG_1815 2.JPG
[Tracy (left); Steph (right)] They accidentally happened to wear pretty much the same thing that day.

When we walked over to Das Food Truck to get our bacon game on, Steph and I were devastated when we didn’t see “Bacon Wrapped Oreos” on their menu. In complete disbelief and denial, Steph walked over to the staff taking orders and asked if they had any.

And the lady responded, “We are out of Oreos”.

We were still in disbelief so we went to the other trucks (Das Food truck has several other trucks of their own – Le Burger Truck, Bacon Truck, Schnitzel Truck). They all didn’t have it, so Steph ordered the alternative – Deep Fried Oreos.

To be honest, they looked like fried chicken.


But they were pretty good! We even witnessed Steph lick the tray after she was done.. !

FullSizeRender 26.jpg

My friend Andy loves crepes and pancakes. When we first arrived at the Olympic Stadium, we had stumbled upon a new food truck that sold crepes and told ourselves that we’d get it for dessert. When dessert time came around, we walked over and ordered the simplest crepe with chocolate from the food truck. We took a few steps away and then stumbled upon the very food truck that we had FIRST seen earlier in the day. Quickly, we realized that there were 2 new crepe food trucks and that we went to the wrong crepe food truck!

IMG_1805 2.JPG

That’s okay though – Andy was either way happy with his crepe with chocolate inside. 🙂

When I was standing there smelling the crepes and looking at the menu, I couldn’t help but think back to that time we were in Paris near the Notre-Dame Cathedral getting a crepe for the ride back to our hotel. Our Uber driver kept commenting about how good the smell was! 🙂 Good times.

Final round – Mr.Puffs Pastry & Lemonade

The night was still young despite the sun setting over our heads. With stomachs slowly filing up, we went for one last truck visit – Mr.Puffs Pastry.

Who would turn down 12 Mr.Puffs Pastry for $6?? Literally. SO worth it! Perfect serving to share with your friends at the end of the day. (Spoiler alert! We did it again in the June edition!)


Oh, I forgot to mention another quite devastating moment my friend Tracy experienced that night. We walked over the Mr.Crémeux to find out that they were only serving ice cream and didn’t have slush on their menu! We held each other for a while to cope with the reality and then we sadly walked over elsewhere to quench our thirst. Grumman ’78 also seemed to lack their specialty “lemonade in a bag” – we figured maybe they’d bring them out in July when the weather gets much warmer.

While the rest were waiting in line at Mr.Puffs to get our last meal of the day, I stood in line at L’Assommoir to get a lemonade.


We took our last group snapshot on the way out.


I’d like to thank these beautiful faces for coming with me to our first ‘First Fridays’ event in 2016! Kicking off the summer great!!

Gotta start writing the June edition of First Fridays! Stay tuned 🙂


Pictures aren’t good enough? Watch the vlog created and edited by my good friend Tracy herself!

Video credits to Tracy Chan. Check out her YouTube page!


Tiny Chef & Foodie, xo.

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  1. Tchan says:

    Reading about the loss if bacon wrapped oreos and slush just crushed me all over again.


    another GREAT post, can’t wait for all the others!

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