Chef’s Table: Crenn & Bottura

A few days ago, I started watching something I had kept on My List forever on Netflix – Chef’s Table. I finally browsed through the description of each episodes of the series to see which one I’d tackle first.

Dominique Crenn. Season 2, Episode 3.


An artistic chef from Brittany (France) started her professional cooking career in San Francisco. Today, she proudly holds the title of the first female chef to ever receive two Michelin stars in America for her restaurant Atelier Crenn – named after her late father Alain Marie Crenn. She also owns a less formal restaurant, also in San Francisco, “Petit Crenn” – inspired by her mother.


Adopted at just 18 months old, this French chef tells the story of her life and life per se through the food that she crafts for her guests at her restaurant, or “workshop” as she calls it, Atelier Crenn. When guests are seated, they receive a simple menu in the form of a poem.


What Crenn serves at her restaurant isn’t just food – but a story, a dialogue. She is speaking to each guest through her food.

I can write up a whole summary of the documentary – still vivid in my mind today, but it’s so much better if you take up watching that single episode  that may lead you to watch the whole series.

It was such a beautiful documentary with great cinematography and editing. The interview, the background of the chef, and the food.

The Chef brings you on their journey – all in 45 mins. Her story was so pure and raw that it hit me right in the weak spot.

It’s so well done and I highly recommend anyone – foodie or not – to watch it.

The second episode I ended up watching was the first of the first season.

Massimo Bottura. Season 1, Episode 1.  

MassimoIronically after I had watched his documentary, I learned from my close friend (who attended the C2 event in Montreal recently) that this renowned chef attended the event! Which means that he was here last week!! I couldn’t believe it! Although knowing any earlier wouldn’t have done anything (considering an entry admission to c2 is in the thousands of dollars), it was still so ironic that I had never heard of this chef, watched his documentary, and then found that he was in town. Oh, I forgot to mention, he is from Modena, Italy. This is why it surprised me even more!

michelin-star-restaurant-italy.jpgThis talented chef owns Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. His motive for being the chef he is today is strongly driven by the support and love of his wife Lara, a New Yorker who made him see art and express it through his passion for cooking and creating modern dishes.

“Oops I Dropped the Lemon Tart” [Dessert at Osteria Francescana]

Today, Massimo Bottura owns the 3rd best restaurant in the world. Osteria Francescana earned 3 Michelin stars.


Just as intriguing and touching as the other episode. I honestly cannot wait to see the rest of the episodes from the series.  🙂

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