[Toronto1]: Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese

Toronto has always been a second home to me. Growing up, with families visiting from South Korea, we’d always bring them on a super touristy trip around Toronto and to visit the Niagara Falls.

As the years went by, Toronto became a familiar city and we’d go mainly for food and shopping.

Food: Mainly Korean. They have a bigger Korean community, thus a more extensive variety of Korean restaurants.

Shopping: Basically, I’d visit all the stores that they didn’t have back home.

Road Trip to Toronto


My travelling buddy Andy picked me up before leaving off on our trip. Just 2 mins after driving away from my house, he made me pledge to the single rule of the trip ahead.


This trip immediately took a turn and really became a relaxing trip than a planned schedule. We went to places that we had picked the day of instead of planning way ahead not knowing what we would feel like eating or doing that day. We changed plans as the day went by and it was OKAY. We pledged that we’d be okay if we can’t get some things done because Toronto is always a place we can go back to. We also decided that we’d just sit back and enjoy the trip without exhausting ourselves, so we cut down on a lot of useless shopping and wandering around.

First Stop

On our way, we stopped at an OnRoute service stop in Quinte West for some A&W. No shame here. Sometimes when you’re on the road, you don’t really have the luxury of restaurant choices… So A&W was the way to go!


And also countless rounds of Tim Hortons stops along the way for re-fueling our bodies with endless amounts of Iced Capps.

Our drive was fairly easy. It wasn’t really summer yet, so the roads weren’t packed with tourists. It also wasn’t a weekend, so we didn’t get stuck in any traffic on our way to the city. When we arrived in the city, we drove straight to our Airbnb home.

What is Airbnb? I was surprised when I mentioned to some coworkers about this and they hadn’t ever heard of it. Airbnb is almost like uber in a sense that it is a company/service that is driven by consumers and people like you and me. Uber is a taxi-service, whereas Airbnb is a home rental service. It is available all over the world. People rent out their apartments, condos or homes for travellers like me. It’s super convenient and the added bonus is that you get to truly experience a stay at a home in a different country that is more home-ier than a standard hotel.

In our case, we stayed outside the heart of the city to avoid always being stuck in traffic. Therefore, our Airbnb was located just outside the city in East York. It was the suburbs and it was a fairly quiet neighborhood – like the West Island of Montreal. It was just 20-25 mins away from downtown. Our host was extremely nice and the home that we stayed in was modern, chic, and trendy. It was much smaller than we had imagined, but it had everything we needed.

When we arrived at our Airbnb home, we unpacked, got comfortable watching some Big Bang Theory and 2 whole hours of Grey’s Anatomy before heading out for our first food victim.

After an hour-long research online and through Instagram (great way to find restaurants!), we finally settled on Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese.

As a foodie, you don’t really judge on the restaurant appearance because the best foods are sometimes found in hole-in-the-wall type of restaurants. Although it isn’t always the case, it happens for most that focus on quality of food over quality of looks. In this case, our first food victim wasn’t a hole-in-the-wall. It was a tiny shack (the size of my living room!) tucked away in Little Portugal just west of Downtown Toronto. It was so tiny that we almost missed it. We drove 30 mins to get there and couldn’t find it. We were staring at a building that seemed more of a residential complex with the exact same address that was indicated on their site. We kept looking around until we noticed it was right on the side of that residential complex – literally tucked away. So if you can’t find it, don’t drive away! It’s there! Just look for it!!


I gotta say… before I post pictures of the food, this was one of the best I’ve had – next to Le Cheese food truck in Montreal.

(*Side note for my friend Sarah: If you ever go to Bobbie Sue’s, they don’t have Grilled Cheese or anything else other than M&C on their menu so you wouldn’t ever make the same mistake here :P)

We drove over to Bobbie Sue’s not 100% hungry so we were going to grab 1 order to share, but as soon as we arrived, we felt that we just had to get our own M&C. Andy got a Large Classic Mac & Cheese and I decided to be a little bit more adventurous (sort of) and went for their Small Carbonara Mac & Cheese.

The Restaurant

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 3.23.26 PM.png

Bobbie Sue’s has only been open for 6 months. We visited at around 11PM and they had people going in and out of that place.


This takeout-only restaurant is the best choice for comfort food at any time of the day. Despite being tucked away in a quieter town outside of downtown, it stays open until midnight (except Sundays) for all you hungry midnight snack eaters.


The Food

It’s quite simple. They have 10 different Mac & Cheese dishes with some being a vegan or no-gluten option.

FullSizeRender 80.jpg

FullSizeRender 81.jpg


Everything is simple. Their menu, concept, and store is simple, simple, and simple. The only thing that wasn’t simple was the food itself – a complex mix of flavours bursting in your mouth!

The Classic

FullSizeRender 85.jpg

Carbonara: Pancetta, Grana Padano, Egg Yolk

FullSizeRender 86.jpg

I definitely recommend people to not judge this tiny shack that can turn your decision into a great flavourful one!

I particularly liked their non-macaroni choice of pasta. I liked how they use Cavatappi, or Scoobi-Do. It was fun to eat and a different twist to the standard Mac & Cheese. If they have a shack, they should definitely consider getting a food truck and driving around downtown Toronto. They’d do great!

That was the end of our day because we had food coma and passed out thanks to the delicious meal and the long drive to the city.


Stay tuned for Day 2 adventures where we went back to School and made friends with Piggy’s… 😉 

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  1. tch says:

    LOLL to the Sarah S reference! I go to TO often too, so maybe I’ll try this out one day!

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