Smells like Food Truck Season

On April 1st, I woke up ready to read prank posts on the web and all over my Facebook wall. In the previous years, I always fell for at least one silly post.

I almost fell for it again this year when MTL Blog posted “A List of All 41 Montreal Food Trucks For Summer 2016“. I had just recently spoken about it with my good friend, Matt. We had discussed food trucks as though it was business talk. He had even speculated that Le Smoking BBQ wouldn’t have a truck this year since they opened their very own restaurant. I opened the link and, lo and behold, Le Smoking BBQ is no truck anymore.

That’s okay considering they have their own restaurant in downtown Montreal where my closest friends organized a surprise get-together for my 27th birthday this year. I definitely recommend everyone to try this place! If you haven’t read my earlier Food Truck blogs, I posted a bunch about Le Smoking BBQ’s famous Ribs Poutine. It was love at first bite – seriously though. In addition, they added a new food victim on the menu.

Wait for it.. *drumrolls* …… The Mac N’ Cheese Waffle!


FullSizeRender 74.jpg

What always gets me excited about food is seeing how creative it can get. I am always amazed of the different ideas people have come up with in combining different foods, sauces, spices, etc. It is absolutely stunning. Yes, stunning. I see food as art to be consumed.


So, going back to my earlier point about April Fool’s, I was reading the link that MTL Blog posted and stopped at the point where it said, “Food truck season officially begins on April 1, 2016; don’t forget to track your favourite food truck using this website“. I read it again and thought to myself that, hey, maybe it’s just another one of those pranks. So I clicked on that link that led me to the Montreal Cuisine de Rue webpage. Cuisine de Rue is Montreal’s official webpage for all MTL food trucks. It is the “Go-To” webpage and you can find all the information you need. It is like the Wikipedia of MTL food trucks. Later that day, Cuisine de Rue posted on their Facebook page (yes, I follow them on Social Media and maybe you should too!) about the start of the Food Truck Season on April 1, 2016. Here’s the thing. So at this point, you’re probably thinking what’s the prank here?

Ever since Montreal started allowing food trucks on the streets, the season only started in May. So I figured that I still had 1 month left until food trucks. And I kept counting down the days. So when I read that it started THAT day when I was reading the post, I couldn’t believe it. If it was true, it would be the greatest feeling ever when you’re counting down the days and realize that … your number just skipped to “ZERO DAYS LEFT”. When Cuisine de Rue posted on their Facebook page and acknowledged April Fool’s Day, I knew that it was real. And to be quite honest, I did search a few websites too to confirm it. And it’s true! If you go on their webpage, you’ll find the schedule for all food trucks in Montreal and where they’re stationed. Quite handy!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.35.35 PM.png


All this to say two things:

  1. I finally did not fall for any April Fool’s joke.
  2. The 2016 Food Truck Season has started!


I am in disbelief that it has already been 7 months without ’em. Feels like just two months ago we all went to our last food truck event in 2015! Time definitely flies like it has jet wings.

Although I’m very excited about the season starting earlier this year, considering the tight schedule I have in April, I will probably only be able to have my first food truck bite at the First Fridays event held at the Olympic Stadium on Friday May 6th.

There are so many reasons why you should attend too:

  1. Start of the summer season. Kick off your summer with food and friends! Why not!?
  2. Food, food, food, everywhere you look. Come empty-stomached(?) and you will have the luxury of eating your appetizer, entrée and dessert all in one location without committing to a single restaurant – all just steps away!
  3. Open your mind up to different flavours and foods. All trucks have their own unique flavours and you gotta try ’em!
  4. It runs from 4PM-11PM, so you don’t really have an excuse NOT to go. You can eat supper at home and swing by for waffle-licious waffles at Gaufrabec or a refreshing lemonade in a bag on a hot summer day at Grumman ’78! Or, unless if you consider bacon-wrapped oreos to be your type of dessert, swing by Das Food Truck!
  5. Don’t get hangry and meet foodie friends!

Common myths about food trucks:

  1. The food they serve is way too overpriced: Ever since I had my first food truck experience, I realized that it’s not overpriced at all. It’s the same price you would pay if you were sitting at any sit-down restaurant, but the difference is that it’s street food. The false perception held by most people is that because it’s “street food”, it should also be priced like “street food” or fast-food. I completely disagree with that notion. The type of food that Montreal food trucks serve, as opposed to those in other cities perhaps, is of a higher quality that can easily be served at a sit-down restaurant. It’s quality meets convenience. No need for a sit-down hassle at a restaurant. It’s quick and easy without compromising taste!
  2. It’s too far (for some people): Think to yourself… It only happens once a month, so why not? It’s right outside the Pie-IX metro station, so if you’re near a metro station, it’s really not a long distance.

Food truck tips:

  1. Always bring cash with you. Most trucks are cash-only. Although some are slowly transitioning to accepting credit and debit cards, you should always carry cash. Worst case, they have ATMs.
  2. If long lineups and crowds aren’t your thing, then plan your visit! The busiest time is somewhere around 6-9PM. So if you can come earlier than 6PM, you should be clear of lineups!
  3. Don’t get there too late because these food trucks have a limited amount of food. I mean, there’s only so much you can fit in those trucks… So get there at a reasonable time or else you’re stuck with trucks having crossed off stuff on their menu cause they’re out of ’em for the night!
  4. **REAL FOODIE TIP: If you’re going with a bunch of friends, pair yourself up with a foodie friend to share food. It’s the best way to make the most of your $$$ and also to try many different foods than a single plate of poutine that will cost you a whole $12 and no space for dessert!
  5. If you’re going to get the lemonade in a bag from Grumman ’78, don’t do it unless if you’re really thirsty or towards the end of your food truck round. You’d be surprised how much that little juice bag can fill you up.
Here are some really useful links:

MTL Blog’s post about food trucks: A List of All 41 Food Trucks for Summer 2016

Cuisine de Rue main webpage: Cuisine De Rue

Le Smoking BBQ webpage: Le Smoking BBQ

Streetfood MTL (Map of where all trucks are stationed): Streetfood MTL Map


Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post: A Night in Paris (hosted by Katie Peters, Chef and Cooking Instructor at Provigo Le Marché).



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  1. Tchan says:

    I love how you included tips for food truck festival noobs LOL can’t wait!!! Bring on summer 2016 👊👊😄

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