Kaitlyn’s Meet & Greet and Korean Night

On October 30th 2015, my beautiful niece Kaitlyn was born 🙂


When my nephew was born just under 2 years ago, both my friends Chelsea and Josh were invited over to my sister’s to see the newborn. He was just a few days old!

2014: Tyler as a newborn!

This time around with bébé Kaitlyn, we turned it into a Korean dinner + Kaitlyn’s Meet & Greet + Andy’s first hangout with Josh&Chelsea + Game night, etc. It was a night of many happenings. 😀



Place: My sister (Jen)’s house

Attendees: Jen’s family, Andy, Chelsea, Josh, and myself

Menu: Korean food


The food

I hosted the night, sort of.

The dinner took place at my sister’s house because the main focus of the night was for my friends to meet Kaitlyn.


However, I prepped dinner and set everything else up.


I served fried tofu, kimchi (of course!), beef short ribs, and marinated spicy chicken as BBQ over a portable gas stove (typical Korean at-home style of BBQ).



Aaaand, their personal teppanyaki-style cook: 😀



It hadn’t been Josh’s first time eating Korean. I had already brought him to a local Korean restaurant, Shabu Shabu, a while back. And he has apparently been eating at a Korean fast food chain in Montreal food courts called Kimchi. And I had already given him a tutorial session on how to make SSAM (쌈). You can refer to one of my earlier blogs on it! But as a recap, it’s basically a lettuce wrap with whatever you want to put inside it. The usual stuff is rice, meat, and whatever veggies you like.

I took the opportunity to show Chelsea how to make ssam. Actually, ironically, Josh showed Chelsea.

I don’t have a closeup shot of either of their ssam creations, but you can definitely check out my earlier blog post about it if you’re curious about how it looks like. Or you can just see it from the following video:

Don’t mind the other random comments we make…and baby Tyler in the background eating too! 😀



Aaannnnnd, this is after their 3rd or 4th ssam – already a pro!

Where are we here again?

Oh yeah, for Kaitlyn.

So, after dinner, we took some pictures with baby K.




We finished the night off playing Monopoly Deal and eating our desserts that I had picked up during the day – cinnamon pretzels from Mr.Pretzels.

It was quite a fun night. 🙂 Definitely worth writing about, of course!

Till next time!

Yours truly,

Tiny Chef xo.

Next blog: Bibimguksu! Check back soon to read this blog and how to make it! 🙂 

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