Hi friends!

I apologize for the long gap between my last blog and this one.

And to be honest, I apologize in advance because this blog isn’t a real one.

It’s just to inform you readers that I will be a bit busy in the next while organizing three different Christmas parties!

Don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it in another blog post, but aside from cooking, I also love event planning.

Every time an event is over, I feel the need to start planning another one!

And I love challenging myself when it comes to events. I plan them amongst friends, family, and even at work.

Recently, I’ve taken up the new responsibility of corporate groups and events at work and let me tell ya – I’ve been killin’ it! 😀

Whether it’s a corporate event for 400 people or a small outing with my favorite group of friends, I love the entire planning process 🙂

I know most of you hate the planning part of anything – even for travelling.

When I went on my Europe excursion, I did a lot of research.

But Europe is so big that I was overwhelmed by the variety of choices I had for restaurant venues, tourist attractions, etc.

Going back to the event planning,

I am hosting three different Christmas parties:

Dec 20 – Work Christmas Party

Dec 21 – Christmas Dinner with Friends (My friend Chels & I are hosting it together)

Dec 26 – Family Christmas Dinner

The first event doesn’t involve cooking at all. So I won’t be covering on that. The second event with my friends will be a nice family-type of gathering and we’re doing a potluck. And the third will only involve cooking. I am cooking all day in the kitchen to feed approximately 10-15 people.

I’ve done it the past 2 years, but this time I want to up my game and make newer recipes! So I’m crossing my fingers that in between work and planning these 3 events that I will have time to try them out before I risk doing it the day of.

So, all this to say that I might not be posting much on my blog for the next while.

Heck, if I get really bored one day and feel like writing something and taking a break from planning, I might write something real short.

I do have some blog ideas – just waiting for the right amount of time & productivity to hit me.

But for the meantime, go get your holiday shopping going and check back later!

But I promise a blog by the end of the month.

At least 2-3.


Happy holidays, readers!

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  1. Tch says:

    Maaannnnnn I’m excited!! For everything!

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