First Fridays: October Edition

Hi friends!

I finally just recently finished my Food & Travel blog series (Europe 2015).

Which means I can finally get back on track with other food-related blogs!

Today is November 1st.

And it’s sad to think that there isn’t a First Friday event this month.

Nor will there be one until May 2016.


In case you’re not from Montreal or haven’t read my past First Fridays blogs,

the food truck season only runs from May-October.

Our winters are too cold for them to stay out on the streets and serve food!


This year, for the first time, SIX food trucks are braving the Canadian winter!

During the entire winter season, 6 trucks will continue their regular hours and station themselves in different areas in Montreal.

This means my friend Matt could technically still have a “bacon-wrapped-oreo” coma in the middle of the winter season.


That last time though ..

October was our last food truck event.

So we actually had a good turnout.

Again, like every other month (besides June), we got lucky with the weather.

It didn’t rain.

Nor did it snow (haha, cause that CAN happen in Montreal!).


It DID fall to almost zero degree with the wind chill that night.

When the sun was out, it was chilly.

But as the night progressed, the weather just got extremely cold that we were all huddled next to each other.

We moved from one truck to another like a flock of birds migrating from one location to another.

But we weren’t creating any sort of.. arrow-type shape, nor were we coordinated.

We just huddled.

And wobbled from one food truck to another.


As soon as we arrived at the Olympic Stadium where it was held,

we ran over to the first food truck we always stop at.

Le Cheese Truck.

Where we all huddled and stuffed our faces with Mac N Cheese (with bacon and peas :D)


It was delicious as usual!

I usually share this tiny meal, but this time around, I had been craving one for a whole month so I decided to get my own 1/4lbs portion!

It definitely did not disappoint!

But I was surprised at how fast I devoured it.


I was surprised at my eating speed the whole night.

In an earlier blog, I had mentioned that I’m a slow eater.

But I guess I would attribute that to the fact that it was freezing cold outside.

That probably explains why we all stuffed our faces with food every 2 seconds.

We were constantly hungry and we all ate really fast.

I guess that was our body’s way of responding to (or surviving!) this cold.

After our Cheese Truck visit, we took our Mia Famiglia group selfie 🙂


One of my friends, Matt V., got a turkey drumstick.

Like, legit.

An entire drumstick that made you look like a caveman, eating it.

Chelsea – the Face of Ta Pies

 My friend Chels had been dying to get the Ta Pies for months!

Especially since she couldn’t make it to one of the previous food truck events

and Ta Pies wasn’t there last month.

So she had skipped a whole 2 months without them.

Ta Pies has its own “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant in Montreal.

Their specialties are Australian pies.

In other words, they’re like meat pies, but way way way better!



We walked around and stumbled upon the tiny Ta Pies stand in a hidden corner!

Chelsea’s reaction was priceless!

She instantly ran over like a child running towards a toy store for the first time,

and then stopped abruptly, turned around 180 degrees,

and said, “Oh my god, why am I running?! I need to calm down .. “


This was Chelsea’s happy face after she got her long-awaited Australian pie.

Interesting fact/background story:

Back in the June edition of First Fridays,

Chelsea had this model-like picture taken (by Mama Peters – her mom!)


Later that night, she posted this picture on Instagram and tagged Ta Pies.

Ta Pies messaged her back and asked her if they can use her picture for their next ad/promotion.

So if you go on their Facebook Page, her picture is actually on their Cover Photo.

And just a few weeks ago, Chelsea walked into their small restaurant and stumbled upon this great find


A picture of herself displayed at their restaurant.

Life goals right there.

She is my fav celeb ❤

Follow her on Instagram:

She studies Communications at Concordia University and she is crazy talented!

And check out Ta Pies!

Facebook Page:

Instagram: ta_pies



After our Ta Pies visit, a bunch of us grabbed food to keep warm again.

We noticed that, this particular month, a lot of food trucks offered hot drinks.


So some of us bought coffee, hot chocolate, …

and there was even a small coffee stand.

12139999_10204250493216964_231203282657460730_o (1)

We had never seen it before.

I think it was just there because of the cold weather ..

but people were lined up cause everyone wanted something warm!


And then you have people like this:


Who will stop at nothing to get that irresistible slush even if it means drinking it when it’s zero degree outside.


Since it was our last food truck event of the year,

some of us really wanted to eat everything.

So, in order to do that, we had to share some of the meals.

A couple of us shared the Smoking BBQ ribs poutine.

(Sorry for the terrible picture .. it was already really dark and flash was pretty much required to be able to even SEE the poutine!)


(Side note: The Smoking BBQ is finally opening their own restaurant near Atwater metro station in downtown Montreal soon!)

We took a break from eating … and found a safe haven.

The bonfire.

Where we stayed around it for a good 20 mins keeping warm.



After the bonfire, we went for our last round.

This time, we left the Olympic Stadium

and went to the Croissanterie Figaro.

The parisian café in Outremont.

We had a nice chat with some lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas.

It was a great way to end our 2015 First Fridays.


Sadly, for the month of October, my friend Katrina couldn’t make it to this event.

There is a good & bad to this.

She had just recently gotten promoted at work as an Assistant Manager and was in training that week.

So they scheduled her and there was no way for her to get rid of her training shift.

So instead, before leaving, we grabbed a waffle from Gaufrabec and then picked up some bacon wrapped oreos from Das Food Truck.

And we brought it to her at work right after our coffee night at the Croissanterie.


See you in 2016, food trucks!

Well, my friends, that sums up the 2015 First Fridays.

I am happy to say that I accomplished my goal of attending each and every one of the First Fridays this year.

And a huge shoutout to Matt F. who went to every single one of them too!

But most importantly, a shoutout and big thanks to all of the people who came to them!

It made me happy that a lot more people joined us this year 🙂

I can’t wait for more food-ventures.

During the food truck off-season, my friends and I have decided to do something called

Food Excursions of the Month 

Which will be a new category in my food blog.

Basically, my friends and I will venture out to try a new restaurant in Montreal once a month.

And every month, as I did with First Fridays, I will write up a blog about our foodie experience 🙂

In the meantime, keep an eye out for other blogs.


More foodie events with friends (*hint: pizza night coming soon with my friends!) 

And FFTs (Food For Thought) blogs. 

Thanks for reading the First Fridays blogs, friends.


And I hope you were convinced and will join us for the next season in 2016!

Or if you’re not from Montreal, it’s something worth checking out if you happen to be in town in the summer!


Till next time,

Yours Truly,

Tiny Chef xo.

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  1. tchan says:

    “AND THEN YOU HAVE PEOPLE LIKE THIS” ME WITH THE SLUSH OMG IM CRY-LAUGHING. A great blog post to end off the food trucks 2015 series! Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chelsea Peters says:

      LOL TRACY!! So awesome Christine, reading this gets me so pumped for next year 😄❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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