Paris, la cité d’amour


A blog about Paris.

About love.

And about my love for Paris.

City of Paris

Ever since I had a thing for the arts, I had always dreamed of visiting Paris.

Paris was always a place where I wanted to go.

All the stuff you see on the TV and hear what people talk about …

They all say/said the same thing.

Society built up the image that Paris is a romantic city.

As I got closer to September 25th (the day I set foot in Paris),

I started worrying over the fact that I might be disappointed with all the hype that’s been going around for years, decades, centuries about Paris.

I won’t make you read this whole blog to find out what I really thought about it in the end.

Because here’s what I had to say about Paris after my trip.



every minute of it.

Paris IS a romantic city.

I felt its charm from the moment I set foot to the very second the plane took off and brought me back to reality – home.

Our way to Paris

Our flight was scheduled for 5:45AM.

So we left Malaga in the middle of the night and arrived at the Malaga airport in time to grab a quick breakfast before hopping onto the plane.

We flew Air Europa on our way there.

Their online check-in wasn’t working, so we had the unpleasant experience of having to wait this long, long line.


After checking in, we grabbed food, and then got on the plane for our 2-hr ride to Paris.

Arrived in Paris

Once we landed in Paris, we grabbed our bags and used Uber to get to our hotel.

[ Mercure Paris Montmartre was the name of the hotel ]

The Uber driver dropped us off in front of the hotel so we just walked straight in, hoping that they would let us check in early considering it was only 11:45AM and usually check-in time was 4PM.

So we walked up to the front desk agent and they informed us that we’d be able to check-in in 15 mins.

So we sat in the lobby for the next 15 mins.

We finally returned to the desk and once the agent asked for our booking confirmation, she immediately noticed that we were at the wrong hotel.

Our hotel was just right next door.


 We felt so silly! I couldn’t believe we sat there waiting 15 mins at the WRONG hotel. ha! 😀

So we took our bags and went just next door.

To the RIGHT hotel.

And checked in right away.


Once we settled in our room,

we were so hungry, but too exhausted to search up a nearby restaurant that we decided to order room service.


I ordered a Smoked Salmon Quinoa with a Penne in Carbonara sauce.

Andy ordered a £17 club sandwich!!!!

That was probably, by far, the most expensive club sandwich I had ever seen.

Let’s just say, the room service was quite pricey ..

After eating, my friend wanted to nap (since we worked late the previous day).

He was also not interested in much of the touristy sightseeing so I spend Day 1 alone, as I did in London.

So after our room service lunch, I washed up and headed out to a solo excursion in the romantic city of Paris.

Moulin Rouge & Louvre Museum

I didn’t know until I had checked on Google Maps that our hotel was about 2 blocks away from the famous Moulin Rouge.

It was also on my way to the subway station so I decided to stop by.


To be quite FRANK, it was “meh”.

I’m not gonna lie.

Yeah, I guess it was cool to have been able to stand in front of it.

But for some odd reason, the pictures I had seen from friends and from the Internet seemed to make this place look way more awesome.

But “meh”, was my impression.


So I continued down the street and it was a 5-min walk to the metro station.

And as I kept walking, I noticed that, store after store, everything around was some 18+ stuff!

Sex shops, strip clubs, etc.

I guess Moulin Rouge attracts that kind of business. haha


I took the metro (pretty easy to figure out)

and finally arrived in the Louvre Museum.

It was quite complicated trying to figure out where to get out.

So I just decided to follow the crowd that would bring me UP and OUT into the street level.

When I finally stepped outside, I turned around and noticed the pyramid.


The famous glass pyramid.

It was so beautiful.

And yes, I had a moment.

I teared up just staring at it.

This had the compete opposite effect of the Moulin Rouge.

The Louvre Museum (including the glass pyramid) looked way more beautiful in person than in any pictures I had ever seen.

Any pictures I took that day would never do justice.

I look at these pictures as pure memory.

I look at it to remember about the pure beauty held within it.

It just isn’t the same as what I saw or perceived that day.



I stayed around the Louvre for almost 2 hours.

Due to my time constraint, seeingany of the exhibit was impossible.

So I’m saving that for another trip.

One with my mother who shares the same passion for the arts.

The Seine River

This was the purest moment I had spent during my entire Europe trip.

It felt so surreal and real at the same time.

It was romantic.

12109865_10204245390409397_7198682977241353967_o (1)

Paris was indeed such a charming city and I felt that when I walked by the Seine River that night.

I was walking towards the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was located on a small island.

On my way, there was a small ramp that led to a stoned path just next to the river.


Friends were sitting around chatting by the water.

Couples were enjoying the beautiful Parisian night drinking a bottle of wine together while staring at the Eiffel Tower from the river’s view.

And I was walking by, listening to music, and enjoying




of this pure moment.

There was just so much to take in and it felt so great.

I felt Paris’ powerful charm pierce right through my soul.

It was romantic.

My heart strings were being tugged at like a harp that Paris was playing.


 Everyone was with someone.

I was alone.

But I was happy to be alone.

Because I felt that if I had been walking down that stoned path with a friend or two,

I wouldn’t have had the opportunity, or even thought of, stopping for a moment to truly enjoy the moment.

I had only wished that someone else was there with me to SHARE that special moment I had there.

So I continued walking until I hit a nice quiet spot..

where I decided to become a Parisian for 5 mins and also sat by the ledge of the stoned path.

My feet were dangling off and just below, was the Seine River.



I looked to my left and there was a romantic church.


I looked to my right and there was the Eiffel Tower shining its lights across the entire city.


It was a blissful moment.


While I was enjoying the moment,

some Parisian tapped my shoulder.

Surprised, I took off my earphones.

He asked me if I knew where he’d be able to buy a bottle of wine in the area.

I quickly told him that I was a tourist and had no idea where the nearest wine shop was.

He was stunned by my French, and that’s when I explained to him where I came from.


For those who don’t know where I come from,

I’m from Montreal.

And Montreal is a multicultural city and a bilingual one.

I was born and always lived in a city with mixed cultures, and grew up learning three languages.



and Korean.


So the Parisian guy and I continued our conversation about Canada, Montreal, and Paris for a good 5-10 mins.

He was very nice.

And he wished me a good rest of the trip as he walked away


It was a good moment.



I finally reached the Cathedral.

And it was massive.


To be honest, I think the first thing I noticed was the number of different Chinese tour groups.

And sadly, I just looked like I was blending in to all of them.

Sometimes I would have the tour guide wave frantically at me to stay with the group.

😀 haha


This was our meeting point for the end of day.

I had finally gotten a hold of Andy earlier near the river

and we had decided to meet at the Cathedral.

However, he had left late and was stuck in traffic (took Uber).

So I ended up waiting at the Cathedral for an hour.

And within that hour,

I took millions of pictures of the Cathedral in every angle possible.

And I still think that this is, by far, one of the best ones:


It would be two days until its Full Moon.

But it was still beautiful <3.


Later, I met up with my friend and we had a late dinner.

I just HAD to get at least one authentic French meal.

So I got myself my favourite French Onion Soup. 🙂

(obviously with pieces of baguette in it)


 As my main, I ordered a rumpsteak with potatoes and steamed veggies.


The steak was mediocre.

I was surprised that the waiter didn’t ask how I liked my steak grilled.

My friend and I just assumed that maybe they cook it the same way for everyone.

It wasn’t so bad since they grilled it to a medium level.

I prefer my steak medium rare.

It was still good 🙂

The best part was probably the dessert.

Tarte Tatin = Upside Down Apple Tart.


YUM. That portion was just NOT enough!

I think I could’ve even a whole tart.

I definitely could’ve.



And so concludes our first day in Paris.

and many more fun adventures awaited us the following day. 🙂


Bonne nuit, Paris.

Je te verrai au lendemain.


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    When you sat in the wrong hotel for 15 minutes LOLOL another on point blog post 👌

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