London Day 2

Good morning, London! 🙂

We arrived a bit late the previous night, so we slept in just a bit and went out for brunch.

We took the London Tube and traveled to Southwark station.


This restaurant was located south of Thames River near the London Bridge.

It offered many different things on the menu.

And again, I wanted to try something different.

If I’m halfway across the world, why not try something that I would NOT normally get back home?

You would think that living in Canada would mean the food isn’t too far off from England’s.

But I found myself “Google Image”-ing almost everything on the menu.

Words I learned in England:


Scotch Eggs

Piccalilli Sauce

[and a few others]

It was fun, however.

Trying new things. Expanding my taste knowledge.


We ordered our food and while we were waiting, I noticed the salt and pepper.


I couldn’t help but try the salt.

So I took a pinch of it and tasted.

It tasted like coarse sea salt, but had a funny flaky texture.


And while I was amazed, taking pictures of these, and trying them too,

my friend just had to point it out.

“You realize that you’re going crazy over salt and pepper?”

yes, yes. 

I had a moment with salt & pepper 



A while later, after discussing the day’s plans with my friend, the food was finally served.

I had a Peking Duck on Flatbread.


The presentation was on-point! 5/5

The veggies were chop suey, peppers, cucumber slices, carrots, peas, and cabbage slices.

It was drizzled with hoisin sauce. The perfect combination.

I’d have to say that the only downside to this dish was the duck.

It wasn’t as good as the duck I eat at my go-to Chinese restaurant back in Montreal (Peking Garden on St-Jean Blvd).

The duck was hard and very, very chewy.

And I felt the same way about the flatbread.

The idea of serving peking duck on flatbread topped with veggies and hoisin sauce is A+.

However, the duck and the flatbread weren’t as good as I had hoped it would be.

So I’d have to give it a sad C+.

My hopes were too high until I took that first bite.

The veggies with the hoisin sauce were on-point, however. A+

I also ordered a side of Fried Calamari.


Again, it was chewy and I felt like I was chewing old, dried calamari.

It was a disappointing C-.


My friend ordered a Wagyu burger.

He scraped most of the cheese off the burger.

Because in Europe (true cheese lovers), their cheese slices are more like.. cheese blocks.

A bit much  .. to the point that your entire burger just tastes like cheese.

In his case, it overpowered the taste of the meat.

(Sorry, I have no picture. He took a bite out of it and messed it up too much for a nice picture. And to be honest, it took me 2 mins to take a picture of my dishes. ha! :D)

Overall, the restaurant had a nice interior, the staff was okay.

It wasn’t crowdy and it was in a nice location that was also less busy.

The concept and the intentions of the restaurant seem visibly clear.

Their dishes are creative.

Their menu is broad.

But in that single visit, I felt something missing:

Enough commitment and dedication to make their dishes taste like A+.


After brunch, we walked over to see the Tower Bridge.

And along the way, we stumbled upon the Shakespeare Globe so beautifully blended into the busy city of London.



Tower Bridge

When we were near the Shakespeare Globe, I didn’t realize how far the Tower Bridge was.

So we decided it was the best opportunity for us to try out the London’s famous double-decker bus!

We were lucky because we only waited 5 mins for the bus and we had the entire top deck for ourselves!

I had so much fun at the top deck and it was such a great view of the city without having to walk anywhere!


It was a 5-min bus ride and then we got off near this beauty.


I couldn’t stop looking at this one.

The same way I couldn’t take my eyes off of the Louvre Museum, as well as the Eiffel Tower. 

But I’ll get to that in a later post on Paris. 

I took so many pictures in different angles.

It was almost driving my friend crazy, haha!

Here’s a panoramic shot:


Would’ve been A+ if it wasn’t for that guy’s hand just casually sitting there. haha! 😀


We walked closer to the bridge and ended up crossing it to get to our dessert destination.

Yes, my friend is a huge fan of the sweets. 

Having spent 2 weeks with him, he definitely succeeded in converting me into wanting desserts all… the… time!

He got me to adopt an interesting mindset. 

Whenever we ate a meal, he’d always order a portion just enough to fit dessert in his meal plan. 

I slowly started adopting that behaviour. 

But at the start, I was a newb. 

And ordered way too much food, while still wanting dessert so bad that I always ended up overeating .. 

And then having food coma. 

I was a victim of food coma for much of my Europe excursions. 

I was practically walking around Europe in a coma after every meal. 



So we crossed the Tower Bridge, and here’s a few other shots I got from the bridge.

And these are some shots of the city (South and North of Thames River) from the bridge.

Annnnnd a panoramic shot:


After crossing the bridge, we passed by the Tower of London.

We didn’t get to visit it due to time constraint.

But their grass though!

I was shocked by how well that patch of grass was so well taken care of!


We walked kilometres after kilometres.. and found out that the dessert shop we were traveling towards had closed early.


We were both saddened by the bad news and figured we’d call it a day after having walked around so much.

However, we had yet to buy souvenirs for the lovely people back home!

Southwark and the area near the Tower of London did not have many souvenir shops.

So we decided to take the bus again (yay!) to Trafalgar Square (where I had seen a lot of souvenir shops the previous day).

After shopping for about an hour, we visited Costa Coffee (finally!)

It was the one and only time I went to Costa Coffee during the entire time I was in Europe.

There was one around the corner of the apartment in Malaga, but it always closed too early for my late night coffee runs 😦 


So I tried the Eton Mess Slice and when I ordered it, I had wondered why it was called so.

Until I took a bite out of it and realized that a single bite made me look like I had smothered it all over my mouth and had millions of little crumbs on the table instantly.





So damn worth it though 😀


And so ends our little trip to London.

It was short, but sweet.


I had so many yummy sweet desserts while I was there. 😀

But seriously speaking,

here’s my quick impression of London.


Good food

Good desserts (oh, wait … haha)

Double-deckers buses are hands down the best

London Tube was one of the best and easiest mode of transportation

Afternoon tea (even if I didn’t get to try, it’s still cool that they HAVE that)


Somehow couldn’t understand people’s strong British accents

Busy and always crowded (streets and restaurants)

The city people always seem like they’re in a rush

Everything is excessively expensive


Again, all in all, London was a great trip.

I am so lucky to have visited London in the short time I was in Europe.

Paris is a whole other city and a whole other story too.

Paris always held a place in my heart.

So it felt magical to be there.

Just like a child going to Disney World for the first time and standing in front of the Magic Kingdom castle.

But again, Paris blog will happen soon.

Bear with me 🙂


Thank you, London.

For the yummy fishies in my stomach, the fun double-decker bus rides, the discovery of new dishes (like Scotch Eggs!), and the astonishingly beautiful sceneries everywhere I went.

You do you, London.

Stay beautiful.

Till next time, friends.

Yours Truly,

Tiny Chef & Traveler xo.

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  1. Tch says:

    Mind the gap! Shout out to pekin! Another great blog post!


    1. pandabear0218 says:

      MIND THE GAP! 😀


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