The Search for the Malaga Beach

Will you come with me?

On a hunt for this beautiful beach?


The “WAKE UP” in Malaga

I was jetlagged.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it or pretend I wasn’t.

I had slept at midnight the previous night and woke up at 3PM the next day.

I did get up at 11AM and see my friend leave for work.

When I went back to sleep and woke up at 3PM, I couldn’t help but feel like I had lost half a day in Malaga.

But really,

I told myself this:

I’m here to relax. I’m in Malaga for a total of 9-10 days.

If I want to sleep without having to worry about getting up for a work shift or going out to run errands,

I could do this.

And this was the only time that I could tell myself,

You’re on vacation from everything. 

Enjoy it however you want it without stressing over anything.

So I smiled, jumped out of bed during mid-afternoon, washed up, and sat in the kitchen eating a toast for a very very late breakfast.


I got dressed up and for some strange reason,

I was nervous about walking out of that apartment alone.

I had never wandered around in an unfamiliar city alone.

But this was all at the same time exciting.

To think of it as wandering around a foreign city alone.


In the end, it wasn’t so bad.

Of course it had its pros and cons.


You get to take your time going places


You can’t get a picture of you that’s not considered a selfie


You can listen to awesome music while you’re wandering around enjoying the moment


You’re alone. If you want to grab an ice cream, coffee, or anything. You’re alone. While everyone else is with other people.

The Walk by the Pier

I walked down the beautiful Calle Marques de Larios (Main picture from the previous blog).

It led me to the port.

It reminded me of walking down Champs-de-Mars and going towards the Old Port of Montreal.

But with palm trees.

Lots of them.


IMG_6623 IMG_6637

As soon as I reached the port,

I was immediately mesmerized by the view.

The blue water.

So blue.

So clean.

It was the Mediterranean sea.





There was really nice restaurants, ice cream shops, stores, and coffee shops all along the water.

I didn’t care how far I was walking.

There was just so much to see.

At one end of the pier, there was a tall white lighthouse.


I decided to walk towards it to see what was on the other side.

Sure enough,

I had found the Malaga beach.



I was mesmerized by the vastness of the beach and how beautifully the city wrapped its shore.

I guess it’s officially not tourist season anymore cause it just didn’t seem that busy anywhere I went.

Sure, there were tourists.

But just not everywhere – literally.

(London was a whole different story, however. But we’ll get to that in a later blog)

I hadn’t planned on going in the water that afternoon.

My sole purpose was to explore the city and find the beach.

I’d save the beach for another day.

But when I had arrived at the beach,

I couldn’t help but think.

What the heck.

I need to at least do this.

So I took off my MK gladiator sandals.

Walked towards the beach near the water.

And just enjoyed the feeling of the sand in between my toes.

As I was listening to music and walking along the sandy Malaga beach barefeet…

I couldn’t help but think of deeper and meaningful things in my life.

How 2015 was probably the best year of my life so far.

What can you say?

I was in a happy place.

And it’s all thanks to my people.

All the close people in my world.

During the trip, there was never a moment I forgot about any of you.

This blog is not just for me.

This blog is for all of you.

Sharing a piece of my life and passion to those who’ve earned a special place in my life.



To get back to our travel blog … 😀

I walked back and stopped at Dunkin’ Coffee.

Yeah. Dunkin’ Coffee.

Not Dunkin’ Donut.

And no, it’s not a copy of the original.

Their Dunkin’ Donut is just called Dunkin’ Coffee.




I tried to order my drink and cronut in Spanish …

But it doesn’t help when the names of the drink and pastry are in English..

So I ordered an iced Mocha with a Crunkin’ (Cronut = Croissant x Donut)

The mocha latte was mediocre – a bit too chocately for my liking.

All the chocolate sauce was sitting at the bottom of the drink.

No matter how much I stirred it, it just wouldn’t budge.

I sat on the mini Dunkin Coffee terrace savouring the cronut.

Although windy, I sat there and finished my afternoon dessert.

Facetimed my family back home and then took off again to wander other parts of the city.

I started walking back towards the city centre.

But I decided that if I was ever to walk back where I started,

I’d walk back and take a different road.

On my way to the port, I had walked through the foresty palm trees.

On the way back, I walked along the opposite side of the pier until the ferris wheel and the roundabout that intersected with the main shopping street (Calle Marques de Larios)



For dinner, we had planned to go to an Italian restaurant that I had stumbled upon during the day.

The aroma of fresh fire oven baked pizza …

I knew that that was where we were going to eat dinner.

My tastebuds were a bit disappointed when I re-visited the location at around 8:00PM and discovered it was packed.

Actually, almost all the restaurants in the city were full.

That’s just how it is in Europe.

Everywhere you go, you need to expect that it will be busy at all restaurants.

So you need to make sure you have many many backup restaurants.

We wandered around to find a Plan B.

We ended up at La Mafia.


La Mafia – fancy Italian restaurant

We received bruschetta complimentary (kinda like when you get bread at restaurants)



I ordered a Barbecue pizza (bacon, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, beef bits, barbecue sauce).


It was delicious, but the size of the pizza was practically the size of … a vinyl record.

Or possibly bigger.

Annnnd, they gave me the pizza cutter. haha!


Thankfully, it was a pretty flat pizza.

Like, really really flat.

Millimeters thin.

Loved it.

I usually don’t like pizzas that are thick.

I may not be a pizza aficionado,

but I don’t think pizzas should necessarily be all about the dough.

It’s all about the cheese, sauce and topping.

So why make thick pizzas?

They’re just evil carb fillers.

For dessert, I really wanted a Tiramisu cake, however they had none left.


So I ordered a Chocolate Tarte with a Mocha Latte.




The dessert was DEE-licious.

The bacon-bit-looking-thing was dried up strawberries.



The mocha latte kept me up until 5:30AM.


Till tomorrow, guys.

Yours truly,

Tiny Chef & Traveler xo.

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