Churches, Teatro Romano, and Shopping District

In my previous post, I mentioned that I couldn’t sleep until 5:30AM.

So I woke up at 10AM to have breakfast with my friend.

Watched him leave for work.

And went straight back to sleep.

A few hours later, I woke up, washed up, and put on my summer dress.


Malaga should be one place where I can still wear this and not feel too old in it.

On my way to the Teatro Romano, I stumbled upon this church.

And there was a nice garden next to it.


And then I walked a bit further and found it.

Behold. The Teatro Romano and the Alcazaba behind it.

What amazed me more than the actual roman theatre was the castle, in which I will make time to visit this week!

For some reason in Montreal, whenever I drive in an unfamiliar area and turn on a street and then turn one more time, I instantly get lost.

I’m super disoriented and cannot get back out.

However, in Malaga, streets are not parallel, there are large streets, squares, narros streets leading no where, etc.

And somehow, I can wander anywhere and still find my way back =/


So I kept walking and walking …

Taking pictures.

Until this one Spanish man approached me and asked if I wanted him to take a picture of me with my phone (since I was solo).

I politely refused and then he said something along the lines of “—— desu ka?”

And then I immediately told him that I wasn’t Japanese and that I was Korean.

He didn’t understand, so I had to say “Coreano/a” in a very very Spanish accent.

And then he right away understood. ha 😀

He was a nice old man.


I walked to the western side of the city centre.

It was approx. 15-20 mins walk.

Found the shopping district.

There were big malls.

There was McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Coffee, Taco Bell, Burger King, etc.

And then Starbucks.

I walked in and walked through it.

It was connected to a mall that had an Apple store reseller and a big store (kinda like Renaud Bray) that had a bunch of knick knacks, stationary items, etc.

And also got my all-time fav Mocha Frappuccino.

Also ordered a Carrot Cake.

The Starbucks drink there was approx $7 CAD…


Found an H&M. 

I just had to walk in.

And then walked back out.

There wasn’t much.

Or I maybe just didn’t want to tempt myself too much.


I returned to the apartment.

Packed for London.

Left the apartment at 9:30PM.

Arrived at the airport by 10:00PM.


Flight was delayed to 12:30AM.

We grabbed food.

To be precise,

We grabbed a Bacon & Cheese Panini.


And it took FOREVER to get on that silly Easyjet plane.

It was so disorganized.

We only left the grounds of Malaga at 2:00AM.

And arrived in London (Gatwick Airport) at 3:30AM (London time: Minus 1 hour from Malaga)

Duration: 2hrs30mins

We used Uber to get to our hotel in Canary Wharf – London’s financial district.

Travel duration (London Gatwick > Canary Wharf): 1 hour

We arrived at our hotel.

Checked in.


And finally slept when the sun just began rising.

Goodnight, friends.

Till … the afternoon!

Yours truly,

Tiny Chef & Traveler xo.

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