Flight to Malaga, Spain

Hello friends!

As promised, here is blog #1 from the FOOD & TRAVEL diary!


If my blogs are a bit too long for you to read, at least look through the pictures. They’re all taken with my iPhone 6+ and they’re beautiful 🙂 


I arrived at YUL (Montreal airport) at about 2:30PM. My flight was scheduled for 4:35PM.

I had a connecting flight through JFK (New york), so I had to go through customs. There’s always more security going through the states.

It took a good 30 mins to go through security and customs at YUL.

I had hoped to get my last Tim Hortons’ iced capp, but sadly my terminal didn’t have any Tim Hortons D:

So instead, I had to settle with Second Cup – coffee wasn’t satisfying enough.

In the end, I left the motherland without a last iced capp. But that’s okay! There are far better things to try out here in Europe!



We boarded the plane quite on time.

But we had 3 technical issues once we all boarded.

1. Lots of traffic heading to JFK so we had to wait for our “go”.

2. The longer we waited, the more likely it was that the US flight crew had to get off the plane just to clear customs. (Apparently, they are allocated a certain amount of wait time at an airport without needed to go through customs)

3. Can’t remember, to be honest.

We ended up leaving 1hr30 mins later.

It didn’t bug me since I had a long 5-hour layover in JFK.

So we landed in JFK at 7:15PM.

Meanwhile, enjoy this view of Manhattan and the ocean as I landed on a beautiful sunset.


Sunset over Manhattan
Sunset over Manhattan



Had so many issues getting the WiFi to work on my phone, so I ended up paying Telus the $7 daily roam fee.

wasn’t so bad. $7 and you get everything you normally get on your regular Canadian plan.

So I finally had internet and binge watched some How I Met Your Mother before I boarded the plane!

I had to eat supper before boarding since my next flight was scheduled for 11:15 PM and I was so sure that they wouldn’t serve dinner.

The only restaurant I recognized – Wendy’s.

Being in America, I had to do it the all-American way – Wendy’s.


I should’ve ordered a Baconator. #iloveyoubacon #regret

I had a regular burger .. and added bacon instead. 😀

I also ordered one of their new signature strawberry lemonade and it was really good!

Sorry, I have no picture of it D:


FaceTimed with my sister, her husband and the baby.

Skyped with my parents where my dad literally ordered me to







So my flight to AGP (Malaga) was on time and we finally boarded.

We left at 11:15 PM.



They served dinner an hour after we took off.

There I was thinking they weren’t going to serve anything so I stuffed my face with a Wendy’s burger at the JFK airport …





No matter how bad it tastes or whatever they did to make it,

simply the excitement and anticipation of what you’re getting is so much fun!

And the fact that it’s served warm 😀 … So great!

Here was mine:


The bread was meh. I may have taken 1 bite out of it (had to try it at least!)

The chicken was good! (The other meal choice was tortellini .. I wonder if that was good too)

The salad was decent.

Didn’t enjoy the cheese.

Overall, I’d say 6.5/10. Would’ve been a 7 if the bread was good.

I think an important decision factor was the fact that I had eaten about 2 hours prior.

It may have affected my food score.


My flight to Malaga …

I had to check off one flight experience stereotype:

Crying baby.


Sitting in the row right behind me.

Screaming and crying for 2 hours straight.


Turned on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,

but switched movies cause it was too serious of a movie to watch on a plane.

So I watched The Devil Wears Prada instead.

(Sorry, Justin. I had the choice of watching Mad Max … but didn’t want to. Not this time! lol)

Took my dad’s advice: I had wine with my airplane food.

Don’t know if it was that or .. the fact that I was tired and spending the whole day flying but,

I was so tired that I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Good thing.

However, I had an aisle seat so I couldn’t really find the best and most comfortable sleeping position.

So I slept on and off.

And then it was snack time.


And then we finally arrived in Malaga.


Welcome to Malaga 

It took me forever to get my bag.

Sadly the handle broke 😦

My friend Andy picked me up at the airport and we took the cab back to the city! (15 mins ride)

The apartment is literally in a typical European narrow alley.

But right off of this beautiful street.




I settled down at the apartment and unpacked.

And then we headed back out to get some groceries done.

For some very strange reason, the Minions are huge here.

First day and I saw so many Minion-related food stuff at the market and saw a Minion slippers commercial on the TV..

Even a store that had a bunch of minion-related merchandise by the window front.

My sister would’ve gone wild with those.


We got back to the apartment and headed down to a restaurant just under the apartment called Croma.

Unfortunately, they were closed between 5-8:30.

Apparently, people here eat pretty late.

And strangely, coffee shops close early..

I guess people here don’t go to coffee shops after eating supper =/

So we went back to the apartment.

Killed time by watching some TV (thank god for that 1 english channel!)



We finally got to the restaurant.

As mentioned earlier, people eat late.

So getting there at 8:30PM meant for an empty restaurant:


We received this as a free entrée.

Not a 100% sure what it was, but it tasted like fried creton.

It was yummy, but a bit too mushy on the inside.

I ordered a Cod fresh off the barbecue with fries.

The fries were covered in olive oil.

The cod was served on top of a bed of fries, sprinkled with black coarse sea salt.


I had never had such perfectly cooked fish in my life before.

I had expected a small piece of fish, but I got a generous chunk of cod.

It was juicy – far from dry – and so tender with every bite.

The fries were a bit dry on the inside – probably not a popular item at that restaurant.

Andy got a Grilled Chicken off the barbecue with mini potatoes and vegetables.


And then had a bit of space for dessert 🙂

Chocolate Mousse





Costa Coffee was closed.

We went back to the apartment.

It was too early to sleep so I watched a marathon of Family Guy until I fell asleep.

Had one of the best sleep ever.

Passed out for 12 hours.

And .. might’ve taken another nap the next day.

At least I’m no longer jet lagged!


Till tomorrow, friends, for more food and travel excursions!

Yours truly,

Tiny Chef&Traveler. xo

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