First Fridays: August Edition

Hello friends!

Welcome to my 3rd ‘First Fridays’ blog! 🙂

(I skipped June cause it was a pretty rainy one .. and I wasn’t too happy with myself for eating stuff that wasn’t new to me at all)

This month, August, was one of the best turnouts we had for First Fridays food trucks!

Shoutout to all attendees!


Such beautiful faces, no? 🙂

I picked up my friend Tracy and needed to go for a quick carwash before meeting the gang at our meeting point.

It was apparently my friend’s first time in a car wash. ever. 😀

At some point, I explained to her that the wax they use for the car (at Shell gas stations) looked like ice cream or cotton candy.

Now that I think about it, …

Being a foodie, do I just see everything as food?

I don’t know if other people would think the same or if I just tend to see things … like food all the time??



We met up at our workplace (we all work at the same job)

And from there, we left at about 3:45PM.


[ damn traffic, accidents, and typical Quebec construction ]

We finally arrived at the Olympic Stadium (where they always hold the festival).

Our squad was divided in two cause we had taken 2 cars (carpooled, yeh!).

We got there after the first squad.

And while they were waiting for us,

My friend Matt got this mind-blowingly creative drink:

Iced tea with raspberries & maple syrup in a maple syrup can

FullSizeRender 106

So Canadian, eh?

From what Matt told me, it was good!

I would’ve definitely wanted to try one, but didn’t want to repeat the same mistake as the previous month where I drank a lemonade in a bag and regretted instantly for getting full too fast.


Most of us are practically food truck veterans.

However, this month, we had a few newbies join us! 🙂

So we did our usual thing for newbs.

We brought them around the area to see all the trucks first and then decided on a truck to eat from.

But before we did that, my friend Analisa was super excited that she went ahead and walked straight to Le Cheese Truck and bought a 1/2 pound Mac & Cheese.

Le Cheese Truck: 1/2 pound mac & cheese with peas

FullSizeRender 125

The most gratifying thing is to see someone enjoy their food so much that they’re just in a state of bliss.

This was her.

She was in her moment.

And I captured that very pure moment.

Right across from Le Cheese Truck was Le Smoking BBQ.

My friend Katrina was really craving a poutine, so she got the famous ribs poutine I always talk about.

Le Smoking BBQ: Ribs Poutine ($16)

FullSizeRender 123


We walked around a bit and some of us were curious about the Dim Sum truck that none of the veterans had ever tried.

FullSizeRender 128

So Rebecca & Sarah both shared a plate of vegetable dim sum.


Dim Sum: “Balls of Deliciousness”

(Quoted by one of my friends)

FullSizeRender 153

Meanwhile, my other friend Sarah tried this baby out:

Le Super Truck: Fried Macaroni with Marinara Sauce

My friends are ridiculously photogenic.

So jelly right now.

Meanwhile, there is me who only looks okay in certain ANGLES.


FullSizeRender 114

The fact that you can’t see my jawline … makes me look like… fat.

I was hesitating whether I should put that picture up or not, but meh.

All I care about is food and this blog is about food.

Not me.

And my friends look great in that photo! 😀

[ btw, that was the last photo we took just before leaving the Olympic Stadium ]


We walked around a bit more and went to Mr. Crémeux for some slush!

FullSizeRender 154

The line was a bit long considering it was a nice sunny day.

Everyone wanted slush and ice cream.

Then, for our Round 1 dessert, we went to Das Food Truck to get some of those strangely ridiculously delicious bacon wrapped oreos!

FullSizeRender 133

Das Food Truck: Deep Fried Oreo wrapped in Bacon (3 for $5)

More balls of deliciousness ..

FullSizeRender 155

Honestly guys, … these just melt in your mouth.

You might just tear up a little from eating these delicious treats.

No joke, I’m warning you.


After the bacon wrapped oreos, I wanted a hot dog from one of the trucks I had been meaning to try out.

Nomade SO6.

Their specialty is hot dogs.

I tried the Smoked Meat hotdog and got this:

Nomade SO6: Smoked Meat Hot Dog ($9)

FullSizeRender 105

It looked like a piece of art.

It was so beautiful, but I couldn’t figure out where the smoked meat was until I took a bite out of the sausage.

The sausage was made of smoked meat! That was really good!

But here’s my rating for the other criteria:

Presentation: 5/5

Practicality for eating: 1/5

It was .. not easy.

Sadly, I ended up throwing out the buns cause they were too much.

Too heavy, too thick, too much bread for the size of the sausage given.

I had more fun picking at the cucumbers and pickles before I got to the sausage.


I picked at the hotdog.

There was almost no other way of eating this ..

Unless if you had a really big mouth and wanted to get really dirty.

Wow, ……. that just sounded so wrong on so many levels, but I did not intend for that to happen or mean that!

Oh, geez.

Moving on!


We all had food coma at this point, so we took a break and sat on the grassy field.

Tossed around a beach ball that was given to us for free at the festival.

Courtesy of Seville Entertainment for advertising the movie Le Mirage.

There just wasn’t enough ball references that day, for some odd reason.

FullSizeRender 134

Yup.. That’s my friend Brandon with a pregnant stomach … drinking.



Meanwhile, this buddy (Matt) had eaten 6 bacon wrapped oreos and was experiencing a deeper food coma than the rest of us!

FullSizeRender 138

And my other friend Sarah (sitting next to him) was having fun placing grass and flowers on his chest.

Oh, and throwing the beach balls on his face.

FullSizeRender 145

Not gonna lie, the food there at the festival is addictive.

I’ve got proof from a friend who turned into a bacon-wrapped-oreo addict:

He resurrected from his food coma and walked directly back to the truck that gave him the food coma in the first place!

He had spent $15 on 9 of those bacon wrapped oreos.

Intense, eh?


Meanwhile, I met up with my sister and her friend who finally came to the food truck festival!

I had bugged her all year to come to at least one of the monthly festivals.

With a kid at home, it becomes a bit more difficult to drive out all the way to the Olympic Stadium (30-45 mins away from her home).

But I convinced her that the following months might get too cold for her and the baby to come out.

So I strongly suggested her to come to the August edition of the festival.

Here’s a selfie we took later in the night with the bébé 🙂

FullSizeRender 135

Thanks Jen for finally coming to one of the food truck festivals! 🙂 ❤

Really means a lot to me 🙂


Round 2

For the second round,

(after recovering from food coma)

I went to Lucille’s to get a Lobster roll and shared it with my sister.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture, but you can just refer back to my blog for the May Edition of First Fridays.

You’ll find a picture there.

It just got a little bit hectic when my sister arrived cause I was terrified of losing my nephew in the crowded place.

So I kept watching him while my sister was waiting in line for the food.

He’s also really quick. He could probably run off in a split second and disappear in the crowd.

So I made sure I kept my eyes on him!


I had been bragging about Le Smoking BBQ’s ribs poutine to my sister all year since the very first time I had it.

And finally,

(after devouring the Lobster Roll and sharing it with the baby)

I brought her to Le Smoking BBQ and she waited almost an hour to get her poutine!


It’s one of the most popular food trucks there and I was surprised that they only had 1 truck there.

Normally, they have 2 trucks stationed at the festival.

I’m assuming that was the reason why there was a mob in front of the 1 single truck waiting almost an hour minimum for their food.


My sister finally got her ribs poutine and devoured it with her friend.

She was really hungry at that point.

Or just really enjoying the poutine after that 1-hour wait!

It got dark at that point and I didn’t want her to keep walking from one truck to another with the baby so I offered to get her food from whatever truck I was going to.

So I went to Gaufrabec to get a waffle as part of the Round 2 dessert.

I had ordered a Chocolate-filled waffle topped with maple syrup and whipped cream.

However, they got my order slightly wrong and added chocolate sauce on top of my waffle which made it turn out way too chocolatey for me.

I ordered 2 waffles and gave one to my sister.

And I didn’t even end up finishing mine cause it got too sweet too fast.

Too much chocolate!! Inside and out! 😦

After having eaten half a waffle, I was getting really thirsty cause I hadn’t bought a drink all day.

So we went back to Mr. Crémeux and got more slushies!

They seriously have the best slushes!

Mr. Crémeux: Large Raspberry Slush ($5)

FullSizeRender 129

Annnnnnd this is when my friend Tracy had her second slush of the day from that same truck!

FullSizeRender 131


OO OO!! This is when we spotted Charles Hamelin (Canadian speed skater who’s won multiple medals at the Olympics)

We were in line for slush and Matt pointed him out to me!

To be honest, he’s a lot shorter than I imagined!

Either way 🙂 It was really cool seeing him!

Still not as good as Matt spotting Michael Fassbender at Osheaga ..



Anywho, here’s something my friend ordered from Mr. Crémeux:

FullSizeRender 113

We walked around a bit more to find some other group of friends who had also come later in the day.

They were getting tacos and whatnot at the Grumman ’78 truck.

Analisa bought a taco, but couldn’t even see it cause it was already really dark out.

And there is barely any lighting at the festival ..

It was so dark that she bit into a lime …

She didn’t even know it was there!

Matt got a Hibiscus juice from the same truck where last month their featured drink was the raspberry lemonade.

Again, I don’t have a picture just cause it was really dark and all I saw (or was able to see) was a sac filled with … red liquid.

That just seemed like either blood or like Nemo died in the bag.

Matt looked like Darla carrying a dead fish in there.


Later, my friend Katrina finally got her Lobster roll, Sarah finally got her .. oh wait. haha ….

Sarah had been talking all day about wanting mac & cheese at Le Cheese Truck.

Finally, towards the end of the night, she walked up to the truck and ordered it.

And walked away with a Grilled Cheese.

She has no memory of how it really happened, but all she knew was that #shehadonejob.

And she couldn’t even order her food right.

Even after spending the whole day talking about mac & cheese,

She walked up to the guy at the truck and ordered a grilled cheese.

How did that happen?

No clue, but we love Sarah for these moments<3.

But yeah, she had one job.

1 job.

At least the grilled cheese was good!

And hopefully that means she will come next month to finally get that mac & cheese!

While people were getting their last couple of meals,

I was still so thirsty that I wanted another slush.

But instead of pulling a Tracy :P,

I tried a smoothie from the Smoothfruit truck.

I got the mango-pineapple smoothie.

Although it was good, it just wasn’t as satisfying as the raspberry slush I had earlier.

I kept taking a sip out of the smoothie thinking I was going to taste raspberry slush 😦

Smoothfruit: Pluie Tropical 

FullSizeRender 132

‘Till September, food trucks. We’ll see you then.

Well, that concludes our August edition of First Fridays 🙂

I’m a bit sad cause there are only 2 more First Fridays left until the food trucks go into hibernation mode until next May.

But I’ll try not to think about that just yet!

Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy every bit of what’s available for me now 🙂

You readers should really get out there and hunt down those food trucks if you can’t or didn’t make it to any of the food truck festivals.

Or if you’re at Ile-Soniq or any other festivities, the food trucks are usually there.

So try to catch one and try their amazing foods! 🙂

You won’t regret it!


I’ll see you in September, First Fridays.

Yours truly,

Tiny Chef xo.

Check out the vlog created by my friend Tracy for this specific event! Click the link below!

 First Fridays: August Edition (VLOG)

If you haven’t already read them, here are the links to the previous First Fridays:

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  1. Tracy says:

    “And walked away with a grilled cheese” I lost it at that part. This whole blog post put a huge smile on my face. Nice job, Christinith!!

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    1. pandabear0218 says:

      THANK YOU! Love you Tracy<3


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