Pikolo and friends

Yesterday was just one of those rare occasions where my friends and I spontaneously went out on a coffee date in the middle of our busy hectic lives.

Moments like such are the rarest and most appreciated ones ❤

Seeing my friends is in itself a therapy session.

Taking a break from things that need to get done and living the way that we want things done.



This year, a couple of my friends have each embarked on a journey to pursue their hobbies and passion.

In my case, I started this food blog because of my newfound passion – food.

Earlier this year, my friend Tracy created a Youtube Channel and began capturing her fun moments and shared it to the world.

Tracy Chan’s Youtube Channel ]



My friend Chelsea is an undergrad student in Communications at Concordia University. She also studied Media arts in College.

She is crazy talented and have filmed, photographed, and created such great stories within them.

For many events that we’ve been taking part in, she’s been photographing them from such a professional level that Ta Pies (Australian restaurant in Montreal) asked to use her Instagram photo for their next promo!



Earlier this summer, my friend Josh decided to start his own blog on uniquely conceptualized coffee shops.

Or simply hole-in-the-wall type of cafés that are not your regular Starbucks in the neighbourhood.

He’s had a list of coffee shops he’s wanted to visit on his iPhone for the longest time and now, he’s finally decided to go through them and describe his café adventures in writing.

[ Josh’s Café Blog: MTL Coffee Crawl ]


I feel so fortunate to have friends who have common creative hobbies as I do.

I love that I can go to a coffee shop and not be judged for taking 10 different-angled pictures of a blueberry scone.

Speaking of blueberry scone, I should get back right on track on Pikolo



So, what is Pikolo?

Pikolo is a small hole-in-the-wall hipster-ish coffee shop located on Park Avenue in Downtown Montreal.

It’s just off of Sherbrooke street so it isn’t too far east of our central downtown.

(A few blocks away from Place-Des-Arts metro station)


Yesterday was 28 degrees, sunny with a bit of a refreshing breeze.

But it was a day too hot for coffee.

So I had an Iced Tea instead.

(Not the Nestea or Brisk type!)

So we walked into the coffee shop and I couldn’t help but look at everything but the menu board.

The interior was cute and cozy and felt like another coffee shop I had visited few weeks earlier (Tommy Café) in Old Port Montreal.

It was all wooden.

The chairs, the table, the counter.

But the cash register was an iPad mini.

Their menu was pretty straightforward.

Had all the things any coffee drinker would need: Cappuccino, Latte, Chai Latte, Mocha, etc.

And they also had a separate tea menu.

I went with my two friends Josh and Chelsea.

Chelsea and I both ordered a Raspberry Iced Tea (which was strangely not red/pink at all!) and Josh ordered a Chai Latte.

They also ordered a Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie and a Blueberry Scone.

Here’s the food picture you guys are craving to see:


And here’s the hilarious shot of us taking pictures of our food for a good 5 mins before sitting down:

And meanwhile, I thought it’d be cool to take this picture:


We had a nice chat and a nice catch-up session.

On our way out, Josh mentioned he needed to drink actual coffee so he ordered a Cappuccino. FullSizeRender 76

And meanwhile, again, Chels and I took the opportunity to capture more photos of the coffee shop.

And some selfie shot!

FullSizeRender 58

Overall, we had a fantabulous day 🙂

The weather was just perfect for a nice coffee date with my two buddies.

It was one of those ideal summer days!

Looking forward to more of these, but for now, here’s a last quick selfie of us on our way out!

FullSizeRender 65

Yours truly,

The Tri-Squad. xo ❤

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