La Croissanterie Figaro

A while ago, my friend Chelsea introduced me to a nice Parisian café in Outremont, Montreal.

It was love at first sight.

It was as though they chipped of a piece of Paris and placed it on that block.

Croissanterie Figaro

The waiters and waitresses speak mostly French.

Adds to the whole Parisian feel. 

The music they play at the café also blends well.


So we ordered some coffee and croissants.

How can you not get a croissant at the Croissanterie?

I ordered a Mocha Latte in a mug (the size of my face) and a Chocolatine (chocolate croissant)

Their coffee, or at least their mocha latte, is DELISH! ❤

Oh and did I mention that their chocolatine melts in your mouth?

Oh, that’s if you ask them to heat it up.

They can do that for you! Just need to ask them.


Here are some more pictures:

 The café opens early in the morning for breakfast and closes late at night for late coffee dates to catch up with friends.

It’s definitely recommended.

Here’s their website: La Croissanterie Figaro

Open from 7AM-1AM.

Get breakfast.

A sub for lunch.

Or a late decaf coffee at midnight.

Whatever your “cup of coffee” is. 😉

Yours truly,

Tiny Chef xo.

[Credits to Chelsea for recommending it :)]

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