FFT: Chewing one bite at a time

There are two types of people in this world:

Fast eaters & Slow eaters

Which one are you?


I’m a slow eater.

I’ve always been.

When I was young, I didn’t like eating.

My mom would have to force me to eat and finish my meal.

I took the smallest bites and took the longest time.

I don’t exactly know why.

Then I had my tonsils removed because it apparently didn’t allow me to take big bites.

But it hadn’t really solved anything.

I still didn’t like eating and was still slow.

Why was I born to be categorized under “slow eater”?

Is it a genetic thing?

Somehow it takes me longer to digest foods and to let my stomach process all of it.


Growing up, eating with friends, made it even more stressful.

Being the slow eater, I always felt pressure to shove food in my mouth as quick as I can.

For some reason, I just can’t eat fast.

The faster I ate, the more I felt sick to my stomach.


Just recently (or more like a few years ago), I started to embrace the fact that I’m a slow eater.

I’m happy to be that other half of the crowd.

Because I learned that eating slower is healthy.

Eating slower also enables you to fully TASTE the food that you’re eating.

You’re not throwing the food in.

You’re placing the food in your mouth and letting your tastebuds do the exploring.

You’re letting your mind savour the food and have enough time to understand what it is that you’re eating.

And letting your body properly take away the nutrients and store them safely where it belongs.

Eating too quickly makes your body skip important steps in breaking down the food particles.


For those who read one of my recent blogs on the moods of eating,

I mentioned that when you’re really hungry,

you tend to devour the food almost instantly.

Sometimes even a slow eater like me will eat fast without noticing.

If I starved for many hours, I will basically chow down in minutes whatever is in front of me.

And it happens like a blur.

This uncontrollable monster of me. 

And then there it is.

An empty plate.

And no memory of the food I actually ate.

It’s just gone.


If you’re part of the other half of the world who eats fast,

slow       it       down.

As my mom always used to tell my sister (fast eater),

“No one is chasing you”


Studies have proved that eating faster can lead to being overweight and cause indigestion.

Although there are always some exception to this, eating slower has shown that people consume less calories.

I read an interesting article* about why this is so and it explained that,

it apparently takes the brain 20 minutes to register that you’re full.

And when you eat too fast, we continue eating past the point where we’re full.

[*Source: 5 Powerful Reasons to Eat Slower]


There are several other reasons out there why you should be eating slower.

And I understand that this may just sound like another one of those things that you should do, but you won’t.

It’s not that easy switching from one crowd to another.

But it doesn’t hurt to try.

And to be quite frank,

Your body will love you more.

So think again about your eating speed.

Or else your body will just have to give you a speeding ticket.

Which would be given to you in pounds.

And I don’t mean british currency.

I mean weight in pounds.


Your body will thank you.

Remember my mum’s words:

“No one is chasing you”


Thanks Mum.

Yours truly,

Tiny Chef xo.

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