First Fridays: July Edition

Hello tasty friends!

Oops, sorry.

I meant foodie friends …

After yesterday’s scrumptious adventure,

I see everything as food.

And can only think about food.

Oh wait, that’s me 24/7.

You’ll understand once you see these delicious mouth-watering pictures!! 😀


Last month’s First Fridays (June) was a bit rainy, so we didn’t really have the appetite to splurge.

After the event, I was a bit disappointed at myself for going with “the regular”.

I strongly regretted it the moment I went home afterwards.

Because I wait a whole month for this event and the whole point is to try new things and be adventurous when it comes to food.

But I failed.

So this month,

I set my food mind straight and went for it.

I got back into my adventurous mood and tried some awesome food!


This month’s First Fridays was a great one!

Can’t say it was the best since a lot of my friends couldn’t make it,

but in terms of the food I tried, I can reassure you… it was a delicious one!

So, here we go!


Roux: Fried Ravioli stuffed with Lobster with Apple Salad ($8)

Fried Ravioli Stuffed with Lobster

When I walked up to this truck (Roux), I was reading the menu and immediately stopped at “RAVIOLI FRIT (HOMARD) AVEC SALADE AUX POMMES”

It wasn’t the apples.

It was the Lobster.

Then the Ravioli.

Then the “Fried” part,

all had my food heart sold.

When I took the first bite, I was surprised by the fried batter.

The batter isn’t just a regular plain batter.

It was seasoned with light spices and it worked so well with the mashed up lobster on the inside!

I couldn’t figure out the sauce that they drizzled on top of it, but all I needed to know is that all of the ingredients worked so well together.

To be honest, I don’t think I even cared to notice cause I devoured it instantly without thinking about it (lol!)

Each piece was the shape and size of a mini pie.

Wonder why they decided to call it a … ravioli?

Either way, it has my seal of approval 🙂


While I was feasting on my Fried Lobster Ravioli, my friends shared this beauty:

Roux: Chorizo & Bacon Poutine

Chorizo Bacon Poutine

It was delicious for the fact that the fries were not regular fries.

They were flat and seasoned with spices, kind of like my batter from the Fried Lobster Raviolis.

There was also a generous amount of meat on it and it seemed quite decent.

This food truck also served Ribs Poutine, but it didn’t look as good as Le Smoking BBQ’s ribs poutine.

Le Smoking BBQ still has my heart for the best poutine. ❤


Das Food Truck: Deep Fried Oreo Wrapped in Bacon!!!!! (3 for $5)

Deep Fried Oreo Wrapped in Bacon

Honestly, my first reaction when I read that off their menu:  D=

“How can you … even think of putting the two together?! Who came up with this odd duo?”

My friend Matt took a one-biter.

And I saw the look on his face.


Oreo ..? Bacon …? Fried?!

Here’s how and here’s my theory after I tried it.

Two words:



That last one wasn’t .. counted as part of my “two words”.

Anyways, YUM!!! I took two bites out of it just so I can see how the inside looked like.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the inside… I ate it too quickly.

But the cookie part of the Oreo was completely melted like it was a brownie and the white frosting was melted and at the very centre of it all!

The odd combination of the two created something that my tastebuds didn’t even know what to think at the first bite!

But I can assure you,

All of you need to try this before you die.

This definitely has to go down on that list of “1000 THINGS TO EAT BEFORE YOU DIE”

Maybe I should make my own published list?  ha!

So my friend Matt instantly fell in love.

We tried to go back for more before leaving the event, but the line was practically the shape of a giant “S” and went everywhere.

It would’ve probably been a 45-min wait.

“Until next time, Bacon Wrapped Oreo, until next time …  We’ll come back for you”

“It was an odd match made in heaven”


Grumman ’78: Raspberry Lemonade IN A BAG ($4)


I love trying new things with unique concepts.

I’m always attracted and feel the need to just TRY IT.

I mean, lemonade in A BAG????

Once we bought it, it was a whole new experience.

We were such noobs at it.

We stopped at a table and wanted to take a picture of it.

So we tried to get it to stand on the table, but it kept wobbling on all sides!

Well, that clearly didn’t work! So we took selfies with it instead! 🙂

The best part:

We walked around holding a sac filled with red liquid …


My thought: We’re drinking blood.

My friend’s thought: Goldfish.

All of my other friends looked at it and could only think of a goldfish!

And then instantly, Steph (my friend) became Darla with the dead fish in that lemonade somewhere … lol

*Finding Nemo reference*

We learned two lessons that day about the lemonade in a bag:

1. You can’t rest it on a table so you have to hold it the entire time.

2. It fills you up more than food does.

Here’s my advice if you want to eat at a lot at these events:

Do not drink this unless if you’re really thirsty and towards the end of your food truck journey.


We took a break (obviously to digest) and sat on the grass for a bit.

We also had to wait for some friends to get there.

Meanwhile, my friend matt went to get his Mac & Cheese.

Le Cheese Truck: 1/4 Pound Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese

I didn’t eat this one, but my friend Matt did.

It’s a Mac & Cheese with bacon and peas in it.

It’s damn delicious, I’ve had it before!

I haven’t tried the other cheese trucks (i.e. Boîte à Fromages), but I gotta say that this is probably the best cheese truck in Montreal.


Soon after, my friend and his friend showed up with these little cuties:

Fraise du Québec with Caramel dip and Maple sugar ($5)

Fraise du Quebec

These were so delicious!

I ended up taking a basket home just before leaving.

And my parents enjoyed it as a midnight snack before going to bed 🙂



Flatbread Pizzeria: Margherita ($10)


This one wasn’t a food truck. It was more like a food tent.

It had two mini pizza ovens and they kept making them all day.

No line-ups for ordering, but there were line-ups for the food.

We waited about 10-15 mins.

It was devoured in seconds.

Also because I shared the pizza with my friend’s (Josh) friend (Jordan). 😀

It was hot, soft, melting in my mouth.

That’s all you need to know.

Oh, and the cheese was really good.

In my opinion, the pizza tasted better than Pizza N˚900.


The best way to end a food truck day (IT RHYMES!) is to eat a sweet, sweet waffle.

Gaufrabec: Chocolate Waffled topped with Maple Syrup and Whipped Cream ($9)

To be honest, this is always my go-to dessert for food trucks.

Here’s a tip, however: ONLY eat this at the very end.

It is SO sweet that you can’t actually eat something else afterwards.

You will most probably have food coma.

Cause I always do.

Or maybe that’s just me?

Either way, take my advice!

Here’s something interesting about the two pictures: it was taken just a minute apart.

The waffle is served so hot that the whipped cream instantly melts and disappears.

You know what that means?

Your $1.50 (whipped cream) vanishes in less than a minute.

Meh, it’s still always worth getting as an added topping.

Yep, sure enough, food coma had me driving back home like a zombie on auto-pilot.


’till next time, friends.

We shall meet again for the next round of food trucks, but this time ..


Yours truly, Tiny Chef xo.

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  1. tracy says:

    Can’t wait to have my face published in next month’s read!


    1. pandabear0218 says:

      Doesn’t even need to be next month!! It’ll be soon for the fireworks one! 😀


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