FFT: Dining Solo

Have you ever eaten alone?

How did it feel like?

What did the food taste like?


Have you ever thought about the different experience you have whether you eat alone or with someone?


Careful cooking steps are ignored.

Food is rushed.

Taste changes.

I love cooking. I love food. I love the entire process of cooking until the very eating process itself.

However, I recently realized that whenever I eat alone, I tend to skip some cooking steps by taking shortcuts or I cheat and eat unhealthy quick meals.

I become careless to whatever I cook for myself.

In an earlier post, I wrote about what it meant to cook for someone else.

Personally, cooking for others feels greater than eating the food itself.


Did I ever mention that I love baking but don’t like baked goods?

Thankfully I work in a place where all the co-workers just love pastries and baked yummies.

So I bake (for fun) and then bring it to my workplace where it gets devoured almost instantly!


I don’t know what it is, but I think that I become careless to cooking an intricate meal for myself because I don’t see a point to it.

Although, I should.

I should be feeding myself healthy meals and ones that are just as yummy as the stuff I make for others.

But it’s just not the same. 


Back in 2011, my parents were in South Korea for 3 months.

That meant the whole house for myself for 3 months.

And you’re probably thinking,


But no, not really.

It was more like,

“Who am I going to eat with all the time?”

I skipped some meals, ate instant Ramen noodles, …

And then realized that it’s no fun at all when you have to eat alone.

So I jumped at every opportunity there was for me to eat out with friends.

Sometimes, you just don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen making a complicated meal for just yourself to eat at night.

Am I right?


What is eating solo like for you?

Do you get excited and eat in your room with some good show on Netflix?

Perhaps those who live alone know what I mean …


Yesterday, I had breakfast alone.

I tried to eat something healthy so I had a PB&J sandwich with some fruits (kiwi, litchi, and cherries).

And then I turned on the show Orange is the New Black on my iPad and started eating.

Again, not realizing it, I was getting distracted and the food just didn’t taste the same as it would if I had eaten breakfast with company.

And then, I realized something.

Part of the reason why the food doesn’t taste good when you eat alone is that you instantly look for something to replace your “company”.

Whether it’s a newspaper (in the older times), your phone, your iPad, or the TV.

And these are the very things that avoid you from enjoying a delicious meal.

Maybe we should just get used to sitting there alone and staring at the food and …

Just thinking about how delicious it is?

This will be my next experiment.

The next time I’m eating alone at home, I will spend time making a delicious meal for myself and I will sit there without my phone, iPad, or TV on, and eat there in silence while thinking about how delicious the meal is.

I will report back when I do so and let you guys know if there is a change in taste.

If so, then my theory of eating alone will be valid. (sort of, lol)


Try it out.

If you haven’t realized how eating alone really affects the taste of your food, test it out.

And then try to experiment eating without any “distractors” and sit there in peace while feasting on something delicious.

See if there is a difference.

I urge you to test it out.


You will soon understand that taste works with your mind more than it does with your tastebuds.

So if you want to enjoy that medium-rare rib steak with a side of seasoned fries, then you better put down that phone.

And I sure hope you’re not eating that alone.

Please share.

Not this blog, I mean the steak.

‘Till next time, friends.

Yours truly, Tiny Chef xo.


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