FFT: The Many Moods of Eating

When you eat, are you





I’m pretty sure you’ve all eaten a meal feeling any of the above emotions.

Now, here’s my second question.

When you eat happy, does the food taste better?

When you eat angry, does the food taste worse? or no taste at all?


When you eat, it isn’t just your mouth and stomach doing all the work.

Secretly, your entire body is working at getting those food particles into enzymes.

Okay, enough with the sciencey stuff.


“Your mood affects the taste of your food.

And magically, vice versa,

good food affects your mood. “

That’s a GREAT quote.

Preach that, guys, preach it. #quoteoftheday


Eating doesn’t just happen with your mouth.

Eating isn’t just about satisfying your human needs.

It’s also about satisfying your emotional needs and your food heart.

Like people who stuff their faces in a tub of ice cream after a harsh breakup.

That golden tub of ice cream works wonders for a broken heart.


Have you ever gotten cranky and snapped at people when you were extremely hungry?

And then felt silly afterwards when you’ve satisfied your crazy hunger?

Yupp. I’ve been there too.

Your mood quickly changes when your body gets the food it needs.

But I bet that food tasted way better than anything else!


Taste changes upon your mood.

Going back to my earlier two questions,

when you’re in a good mood, food tastes great (if it’s actually made well and not spoiled or burnt lol!).

However, when you’re in a bad mood (upset or sad), food just doesn’t taste the same.

That’s because your mind doesn’t feel at ease enough to focus on the food that you’re eating.

The mind also comes into play when you eat.

For some people, the presentation of the food doesn’t matter.

But for others, it affects their “food mind”.

It sparks interest and hunger.

It creates … saliva.

ha! I had to say it 😛


I realized recently that being distracted while eating (i.e. watching TV, browsing through your phone) also affects your appetite and your eating experience.

I’m not going to lie.

I browse on Facebook on my phone sometimes while I’m eating on break at work.

And most of the time, even when I’m sitting in front of a delicious poutine, I’ll lose my appetite simply because my mind is spending more time on Facebook than it is on the food in front of me.

And then, I end up throwing out half of that poutine.

{ poor poutine, it only wanted to be eaten/loved }


All in all, if you want to enjoy your meal as best possible,

set your mind to it.

When mom says it’s time to eat.

Tell your mind so too.

Wash those hands.

Help your mom set up the table.

Sit there and enjoy the food in front of you.

Placed right in front of you.

Set your mind to it.

And feast on – happy.

Bon appétit!

Yours truly, Tiny Chef xo.


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  1. tracy says:

    FFT’s are my favourite! i loved this one!

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