Baby Veggies

Over the past weekend, I helped my parents with some gardening.

(I’m not that great at it to be honest, but oh well!)


Growing up, my parents always owned a flower shop.

They had three within the past 20 years.

 Ile-Bizard, Ste-Therese, and Laval

So my parents know a lot about gardening, plants, trees, and flowers.


Last summer, we changed up our landscape.

We took down overgrown trees and dying plants.

And it allowed us to start from scratch.

Like a blank canvas. 




This year, like every other year, we made a garden patch.

Chili Peppers

Cherry Tomatoes


English Cucumbers

Red & Green Leaf Lettuce

And they will, one day, be my future ingredients for the many more delicious meals to come.

So stay tuned for a post in the coming weeks when I will actually use these little babies 🙂

(Sorry for the short post. I just got excited about these little ones)

Tiny Chef, xo.

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  1. Tracy says:

    bebe veggies ❤


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