Spicy Chicken Stew

Last week, I had almost an entire day to myself.

I didn’t know whether to go out for a run, give my puppy a bath, sit outside & read, write a blog entry, start planning summer events with friends, or simply cook.

I’m pretty sure you can guess what I ended up doing.

Yes, I started planning events.

Ha, I’m kidding (half-not).

I did some event-planning AND cooked another Korean meal.


Menu for today:

 Spicy Chicken Stew


So, normally when I make Spicy Chicken Stew, I use chicken drumsticks. However, I didn’t have any at home and decided to improvise and go with chicken thighs (more meat, yay!)

Below are pictures of my ingredients for the stew!

Green onions



Chicken thighs

Daikon radish (not shown)



Korean sauces and marinade are what make many Korean dishes.

Korean food is all about mixing flavours.

A good marinade makes for a good meal!


Red Chilli Pepper Paste

Minced Garlic

Red Chilli Pepper Flakes

Corn Syrup


Sesame Oil

So this stew takes me about an hour to make.

Simple steps to making that delicious-looking Spicy Chicken Stew

1. Soak potatoes in water for 10 minutes.


2. Boil chicken in pot for 1 minute.

3. Take out the chicken and rinse under cold water, cutting out any imperfections (fatty parts, if any)

4. Cut up all the ingredients (as shown in the pictures)

5. Place the chicken thighs back into the pot with the potatoes, and spicy sauce!

FullSizeRender 179

6. Add cold water in the pot (about the same level as the chicken and potatoes)

7. Let boil for 15 mins.

8. Add onions, radishes (and other ingredients if you feel like improvising!)

9. Let boil for about 30 mins on medium heat.


Nine easy steps. Seems like a lot, but really, … they’re super simple!

Your hard work ends up looking like this beauty:

FullSizeRender 175

This beauty ends up looking a bit like this after it starts to boil:

Spicy Chicken Stew

Et voilà!

Vous avez maintenant ce bon ragout a dévorer!

In Korean, this dish is called Dak-Do-Ri Tang (닭도리탕) which basically means Spicy chicken stew 😀


I apologize if my blog entries seem a little bit everywhere, if anything.

I’m still working on finding the perfect structure!

So, bare with me! 😀

You’ll find that my entries slowly improve over time .. ha!

Thanks for reading, folks.

Now go make this .. if you’re okay with spicy, that is. 😀

‘Till next time, friends!

Yours truly, Tiny Chef xo.

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