Food Photography

As an avid photographer of food,

I am often mistaken for a “stereotypical asian taking pictures of food


I guess it’s true. 

1. I’m asian

2. I’m taking pictures of food almost all the time 


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If you ask me why asians do it, I won’t have an answer for you.

Perhaps asian cultures have a stronger passion for food.

But then, why aren’t Parisians doing the same?

Isn’t Paris one of the most beloved city of food?


Personally, I find that food is beautiful enough to capture, just as much as it is to capture a city’s skyline.

Some people see food as a necessity – like shelter.

Who would take a picture of their own home. Am I right?


However, food is different.

Although in ancient history, people have seen food simply as a means to survive,

food is different today than it was yesterday.

With millions of different cultures and cuisines,

There are diverse variations to flavour and taste.

And thus, food porn was born.



With words such as foodgasm, food porn,

and creations of food critics, food blogs, and cooking shows,

there is a new culture built by passionate lovers of food.


Okay, so.

People have always seen me taking pictures of food.

What do I do with them afterwards?

I keep them for memory’s sake.

Walking down memory lane with my tastebuds.


Have you ever looked at an old picture of a delicious meal you had at this one restaurant in some city you visited years ago?

How do you feel? 

What do you feel?

(I feel the psychologist in me coming out right now…)

At the simple glance of the photo,

I can taste the food in my mouth.

I can remember exactly who I was with and where.

I can remember the unforgettable taste that blew me away.

That feeling of wanting more.

The feeling of wanting to visit the city and do it all over again.


Photos are more than just an image.

They tell a story,

They tug on your heartstrings,

They create an explosion of memories within your mind,

They create a memory of taste.

A taste of nostalgia.


Photography and food are both a passion of mine for many different reasons.

All of the above-mentioned is just a few of them, but is the bulk of it.

I see art in the way food is mixed, cooked, boiled, sautéed, and fried.

I see art in the way food becomes food.

For me, food is art.

Photography is art.

And food photography is just a combination of the efforts made by the cook and the photographer.

A beautiful relationship & telling of a story that starts with the first chop to the last snap.

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