First Fridays: May Edition

Hello my foodie readers! 🙂

First off, do you have a bib on? Do you have napkins by your side? You’ll want to wipe your drool looking through the pictures..

And … We’re off! 

I figured it’d be fitting to start my first food blog entry with Montreal’s famous First Fridays.

  • What is ‘First Fridays’?: For all you nooobs out there, First Fridays is a Montreal event where all food trucks gather at the Olympic Stadium every first Friday of the month between May and October.

Besides having fallen in love with food from learning how to cook in my own ways, I had also happened to stumble upon Montreal’s greatest food addition: Food trucks.

Thinking about it now, I think my passion for food really came about from a combination of different influences.

Cooking. Food Trucks. Those addictive Korean food tv shows. Korean’s food culture.

Did I mention I’m Korean-Canadian?

Korean people have an entire culture revolving around food itself. Like other cultures, Korean people have certain eating etiquettes. As well, Koreans also have a certain way of treating food before it is even considered for cooking. Eating is a sign of prosperity, as they strongly believe. Food will always be offered when you visit a Korean person’s house – not coffee or tea. Food comes first – always.

It may be the reason why most of the Korean TV shows out there involves food cooking shows, street foods, and discovering hole-in-the-wall restaurants in the small streets of Korea.

Okay, so … let’s get back on track! FOOD TRUCKS.

  • First experience with a food truck: I was with my friend Josh at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal at Place-des-Arts and stumbled upon some of the food trucks stationed there. I was lucky enough that the first food I had ever bought from a truck was a mesmerizing experience! Thanks to Le Smoking BBQ’s eye-catching food truck display and banners, I walked over and glanced at the menu. The first thing I read was “RIBS POUTINE $14.50”. And at that moment, my heart was sold – to the amazing ribs poutine that was soon going to have me embark on one of the greatest food journeys of my life.

*Warning: Photographs below may leave you feeling hungry, stomach-growling, and drooling. Viewer discretion is advised 😉

May 1st, 2015: First Fridays at the Olympic Stadium

FullSizeRender 95

Le Smoking BBQ: THE best poutine ribs you will ever have! 

The size of the fries are just perfect – not too thin and mushy, and not too thick and dry.

Le Smoking BBQ is not cheap when it comes to their ribs portioning!

$14.50 is well worth it! 🙂

FullSizeRender 126

Lucille’s: The Lobster Roll

The buns are just perfect.

Normally, lobster rolls are served with a plain hot dog bun – not toasted.

Lucille’s buns are toasted with butter spread on each side!

Biting into one of these beauties is like an explosion of buttery lobster happening in my mouth! 😀

FullSizeRender 80

Pizza Nº900 

Sharing is caring!

My friends Chelsea and Matt ordering a pizza!

FullSizeRender 107

  • One of the important tips about food-truck hunting is to share food! If you want to be able to try all sorts of different dishes, the best way to do it is to partner up with someone who wants to share their food with you!

Pizza Nº900: Margherita Pizza

FullSizeRender 84

FullSizeRender 142

My friend Josh and I got to take a bébé tree home for free!

Yay for planting bébé trees!

(Apparently, the tree is from Colorado)

My friends want me to name it Groot.

My dad wants me to name it by my Korean name.

(Yes, I have a Korean name)

I have decided that my bébé tree will have both an English and Korean name.

Because it’s an important tree!

One of the best parts of our excursion was that it happened to be the same night as the first hockey game of the Tampa Bay vs. Canadiens series.

Luckily for all the Habs fans that were there, they were showing the game on a giant screen at the Olympic Stadium!

Food + hockey game + beautiful sunny weather: perfect recipe for a perfect summer night (for a hockey fan)

Next up … Dessert! 


Chocolate-Filled Waffle with Maple Syrup and Whipped Cream

FullSizeRender 83

I think I see you drooling there.

If I made you hungry and there’s no food in the kitchen or it’s too late at night to start cooking and waking up the folks in the house, I apologize.

Next time, I would suggest keeping a snack next to you.

‘Til next time, friends!  ;D

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