Food blogger: Christine Cho

So before we set off on our journey, I figured it’d make sense to say a little bit about myself.

You’re probably wondering who I am and why I’m really starting this blog. Instead of writing a big fat paragraph, I’ll turn it into an Q&A.

  • Name: Christine C.
  • Why start a blog? Because I think it’s better than constantly bombarding people’s Facebook news feed with too many pictures of food. Pictures and words are sometimes a little bit easier than video (cause video requires editing time). Youtube Channel was an option and may still happen if I have enough time.
  • Why food? I began to like food only a few years ago. Prior to that, it was just a necessity. I wasn’t too excited about food and just ate because I needed to eat. I started cooking for my parents about 6 years ago and used to see it as a tedious task and repetitive dishes to make. Gradually, I began to add in my own touches, create new dishes, and learn to make more difficult meals. Throughout that first journey, I began to appreciate the way food becomes … food. How they are cooked, marinated, boiled, grilled to make our tastebuds explode. Food and cooking progressively turned into a passion.  It was even furthered when I discovered food trucks in Montreal. Unlike in the states and other parts of the world, Montreal street foods were restricted right up until a few years ago. Montreal food trucks are a delicacy and not your regular “fast-food type of street food”. You have a range of food trucks offering salmon tartare, lobster rolls, and fancy mac&cheese in a cute Chinese takeout box.
  • Dream Job? I wish to open up my own restaurant one day and then eventually open a food truck if all works out well.
  • What you will see in the blog: Pictures and brief details of my food adventures – both big and small.

So, sit back & enjoy the journey 🙂

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